When Can I Go Back?

Dorianne Ma
August 2, 2015
Last Morning

I've been back for about a week now and I already miss Sydney so much. I miss living with everyone,  going down to Anzac Parade to get food, walking around the city, going to Circular Quay, Bondi, Coogee, Manly, and just seeing all the amazing sights Sydney has to offer. Our last night was emotional to say the least. A few of us stayed up all night and then went to Pancakes on the Rocks at 4 in the morning. Despite being dropped off at the wrong place by the Uber, we managed to get there and had some awesome breakfast. We then ran all the way up Observatory Hill with all our luggage to catch the sunrise. And let me tell you, it was definitely worth it. 

(Katie, Addie, and I)

(Sunrise on the hill)

(Britt and I)

Then, all of a sudden, it was one last group hug, crying, and then it was off to the airport for a 16 hour flight to San Francisco, and then another 4 to Chicago. I definitely miss everyone so much.


But I can't complain too much, Chicago has been treating me well. And hanging out with my brother is always fun. 

(Chicago sunset)

(Full Moon Jam with Fire Eaters)

(Clouds above the city)

Chicago has welcomed me back spectacularly, and I cannot wait to see what else this summer and the upcoming school year has in store for me. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who made this trip so amazing and to those who gave me this amazing opportunity. I am forever grateful. I'm still sad about leaving, but goodbyes aren't forever. I know I'll be able to greet Sydney again soon.

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