Never Leaving

Dorianne Ma
June 15, 2015
Beach Panorama

I am honestly never leaving this place. Everything here is stunning, it is barely even fair how gorgeous everything is. I honestly don't even know why anyone here would ever want to leave. I mean, seriously, look at it.

(Sydney Harbour and the Opera House at night)

(Sydney Harbour Bridge)

Like honestly, how is this even fair? How does a place even look this good? Let's please keep going.

(Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters)

(More of the Blue Mountains)

(Blue Mountains)

We went to the Blue Mountians and it was so gorgeous. We hiked around the mountains and saw so many beautiful views. It was also an absolutely perfect day for it too. Perfectly blue skies, not too hot, not too cold, clear and sunny and honestly like a perfect postcard day. I don't really live near any mountains but I don't even know how well anything in the US would compare. I definitely know the beaches don't compare because Sydney's beaches are like part of a dream.

(I sat on a cliff and almost died on the Bondi to Coogee walk)

But actually look at these pictures.

(Coogee Beach)

(Bondi to Coogee Walk)

(Bondi to Coogee Walk)

(A mini beach on the Bondi to Coogee Walk)

(Rocks and Beaches on Bondi to Coogee Walk)

I'm not even done yet with these pictures, because there were so many amazing views. Every single turn I made on this walk was absolutely gorgeous to the point where I bascically just stopped believing that it was real. There is no way and absolutely not fair how pretty this coast and this walk was.

(More of Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk)

(Beautiful Beach on Bondi to Coogee Walk)

(Jeff and I made it to Bondi)

So we actually did the opposite walk (Coogee to Bondi) because we live closer to Coogee than we do Bondi, but it was the same path and when we made it to Bondi Beach, it was an awesome feeling. It was quite a cool accomplishment and I've wanted to do this walk as soon as I found it in the US. As our first day to ourselves, the Bondi to Coogee walk was the perfect activity to do. It was absolutely amazing, it was so pretty, everyone was so nice, and it was an awesome sort of relaxed Sunday activity.

So far, I am absolutely in love with Sydney. And I know that everyone else on this trip is loving it as well. I've definitely met some awesome people and am having a fantastic time. This trip is so full of awesome people, awesome sights, and I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of it.

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