Moroccan Survival Kit

Disa Robb
December 23, 2013

I took the time to compile a list of “Things To Know” for your trip to Morocco!

1. If you are having lunch, dinner or tea with a Moroccan family, you are going to eat. What I mean by eat, is a full blown meal. During this meal you might here someone say “Kool! Kool!” No they are not interested in your eating habits, but they want you to continue eating. Kool=eat. If you are stuffed to capacity – in which you might be- Shabaat=I’m full. Never forget this.

2. Stand in a single file line! You will never hear or see this happen. If you are a stickler for order like me this will drive you insane. But I have a solution! If you want to grab a quick fromage sandwich from the shop across the street because you are tired of your family beans and weenie lunch special, do not be alarmed if the shop-owner’s cousin, good friend, and neighbor order before you while standing behind you. It happens. My advice, just breath and let it happen.

3. While you are enjoying your 4 months away from the real world, traveling to different cities, and eating snails in the medina, never forget the “studying” aspect of studying abroad.

4. Night life? Ha! Kiss that goodbye sweetie.

I’m kidding. Morocco does have a cute little night life.  There are plenty of clubs and some bars, but continue to be modest in your dress.  Ladies, do not feel under-dressed with your jeans, blouse, and heels. Always go in a group. Even if you feel like the strong powerful woman that you are, have a male in the group.

5. Enjoy your time in the Maghrib! It is going to give you those one in the lifetime experiences and make sure you enjoy every one of them. There are going to be days where enough is enough, but once you arrive back in the states those walks in the medina and buying meals for $2 will only be memories. Make the best of it!

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