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Institutions Excursion -Luxembourg, Brussels & Paris

April 10, 2018

Hi Everyone ! 

Welcome back to my blog page , and thanks for sticking with me these past 3 months.We only have 1 month left at the IES Abroad EU program and wow, time has really flown by. I wish I had another 4 months in the wonderful city of Freiburg. 

As I said before, here is my Luxembourg , Brussels, & Paris video ! 

The main places we visited in this trip were: European Investment Bank, European Union Court of Justice, European Comission, Council of the EU, IES Abroad Paris, and the European Council on Foreign Relations. I explain the details of this at the end of my video. :) 

My next video will be finished around this time next week, and it is one that I am very very excited about!

See you next week :) 


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