Being a Minority Abroad: IES Abroad EU Edition

Destiny Green
May 30, 2018

Want to study abroad ? Thinking about the IES Abroad EU program, but not sure if it’s for you? Maybe you’ve seen brochures from your school or found images online about study abroad programs, but you haven’t seen anyone who looks like you in them. Maybe you are worried about how being an LGBTQ+ student will affect your experience abroad. I think this is a feeling that a lot of minority students face, when considering study abroad.

This can be intimidating and cause a lot of hesitation in some students. Even though as a minority study abroad student you will be faced with unique challenges that your peers simply will not experience, I strongly believe that it should not deter you from pursuing a semester or internship abroad. Studying abroad in the IES Abroad EU program was an experience of a lifetime. I met the most amazing people and got to see so many different countries in Europe. IES Abroad is an organization that I strongly believe values diversity in its students and staff, and tries to actively provide resources for minority students.

However, in this video, here is what I wished those brochures, websites, and pamphlets would have said. Special thanks to my three wonderful classmates Solo, Alex, and Akanksha for helping me with this video. They discuss about some of the issues that I think as a minority student, I would have wanted to hear before applying.

Hope you enjoy the video !

(feel free to contact me by email at: or on my instagram: @dessgreen , if you have any further questions about the IES Abroad EU program or about my experience abroad)

Destiny Green

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