Bittersweet. Last Excursion to Southern Europe

Destiny Green
June 20, 2018


I can't believe that this amazing study abroad experience has come to an end. 

I wanted to end my video series with one of the most memorable trips that I have been on with IES Abroad. We travelled in 1 week to three different countries in Southern Europe, visiting 3 very important and influential cities: Rome, Madrid, and Lisbon. Each city suprised me in ways that I had not expected and confirmed that the EU's motto "United in diversity" stands true. Each country feautred a different language and a different culture despite their close proximity to one another and unique strengths and problems. This program is like no other study abroad program. On each of our excursions we not only get to see the beauty of each city, eat the local food, and see the main attractions similiar to all tourists.....IES Abroad EU takes it a step further. Allowing us to speak with local politicians, professors, economists, non-profit orginizations, and governmental agencies. On our southern trip, our concentration was on learning the political climate in each country, as well as how each country was dealing with the migration crisis in unique ways. 

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Destiny Green

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