Bonding with My Host Sister

Courtney Smith
November 14, 2013

Last Monday evening I finally had the chance to finally bond with my host sister.  Once arriving to Italy I knew I was going to miss coaching and playing volleyball and never thought I would have the chance to play.  Upon arriving I found out my host sisters Francesca and Margherita both play I was beyond thrilled we had something in common. They both play for their school and love playing the sport just as much as I do.

On Monday I was finally invited (I think I just kept bugging Francesca enough that she finally told me I could come) to practice with her team.  I was so excited to go and just play volleyball again.  I have been playing since the 3rd grade and this is probably the longest I have not played for fun or coached a team.  All of the girls on the team are Freshman in high school and love the sport as well.  Now it was a little challenging as the coach explained all the drills in Italian, but come to find out they run so many of the same drills as I run when I coach.  What a small world we live in that over 4000 miles away and yet we still do many of the same drills in America.  The girls I coach back in America will be happy to know they are not the only ones working hard and doing some crazy drills because now I have proof they are effective if other teams use them as well.

I had so much fun playing with these girls.  The coach used me as an example for how to take the correct approach, thanks to Angela Spoja for teaching me so wonderfully well! I was excited to be a role model for these girls, but I had it set in my mind I was not going to coach them, but only be there to play and have fun.  Every time Francesca would try and serve at me and I was not going to let her serve me off the court so it was fun to have a little competition.  These girls have a lot of heart and dedication for the game of volleyball and even though they hate to condition, which we did for half an hour before practice started, they have the passion for the game that I also have.  They work hard and it was fun to show them the possibilities they have to go and play on in college or someday coach and teach others.

It was nice to finally have this bond with my host sister and nice to hear that I was missed at the next practice because I had to miss it to attend one of my classes.  I will continue to go and play with them once a week and could not be more happy I am bonding with my host sister and we are both playing the game we love.

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Courtney Smith

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