Running Around the City Like a Mad Woman

Courtney Smith
December 17, 2013

After traveling for many weekends and not spending much time in Milan I find myself these last couple of days running around the city trying to make sure I see everything that was on my list to do before I left.

This weekend instead of studying I finally had the chance to go out with friends and climb to the top of the Duomo!  This has been on my list since the time I got here, but with school, traveling and other plans it had yet to happen.  Saturday was filled with sunshine and a bright blue sky so we headed up to catch the view from the roof.  It was amazing.  All the attention to detail on the roof was breathtaking.  Each of the pillars is different and intricate in its own way.  It is hard to describe in words how amazing the views from the Duomo are and the details put into the roof decorations.  So thankful to Kelly and Paul for going to the top with me and it didn’t hurt that I could get some photos of them to have for memories as well.  It was nice to just relax with friends and grab drinks after as they were flying home to the states the next day to visit friends and family.  I originally met Kelly when I started my internship and she helped me learn the ropes.  It’s amazing the nice, kind, and great people you can meet all around the world.

Sunday Rachel and I headed down to the canals as there was an antique market set up along both sides.  Now the procrastinator that I am I still needed to grab a few last minute gifts for people and this was just the perfect place.  It was not only antiques, but jewelry, books, clothes, everything imaginable.  It was amazing and just the perfect place to explore while taking a break from the stress of finals coming up the next few days.  I honestly don’t know how I have survived here without any gloves as Sunday was freezing and my hands were numb by the end of the day.

Also on our adventure for the day we came up a HAND MADE market tucked away on a little street, and it was probably the best find in Milan.  It was all local artists selling their goods and sweets.  Being an artist myself I love to go and see what others make and sell.  Most of the artists were young and loved to talk and tell you their story.  I met a young girl who makes her own cards with watercolor and of course had to buy a couple that I plan to frame when I get home. We also met a young man who used recycled paper and bags to create splatter paint designs.  Each artist was so unique and I loved having the opportunity to spend money on these amazing pieces.

As my time wears down and with only 3 days left and 2 finals to complete I find myself going out each day for a couple of hours to a new place to buy a few things and explore the city I have been living in for 3.5 months.


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Courtney Smith

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