A Snowy Adventure and Unforgettable Encounters: My Weekend Getaway to Bariloche

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Christina Zogopoulou
September 20, 2023

Bariloche, nestled in the Argentine Patagonia, is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. It was also the destination of choice for my recent weekend escape with friends, and the experience was amaaazing. From skiing on pristine slopes to hiking Cerro Otto and making new local friends, this trip had it all!

Day 1: Conquering the Slopes

Our adventure began with a thrilling day on the slopes. For me, a first-time skier, this was a day of mixed emotions. The excitement of trying something new was tempered by the anxiety of going too fast or falling. Fortunately, I had a group of skier friends who were soooo helpful and patient! (SHOUT OUT TO PHOEBE, HARRISOOON, AND PABLOOO.) Our taxi driver, who eventually became our friend, Pablo, joined us skiing after we invited him. As a local, he knows how to ski well and helped us so much throughout the day. 

The slopes at Bariloche cater to all levels of skiers. I started with the beginner-friendly green trails. The feeling of gliding down the mountain with the crisp mountain air in my face was nothing short of exhilarating. With each run, I gained more confidence and eventually progressed to the intermediate blue trails. (also because my friends Pablo and Ava gave meee a little push to try it out.)

Though skiing came with its fair share of tumbles and laughs, the experience was incredibly rewarding. The blend of fear and fun made the day unforgettable, and I was grateful for my friends' patient support throughout.

Day 2: Hiking Cerro Otto and a Chance Encounter

Our second day in Bariloche was dedicated to hiking. We embarked on a journey up Cerro Otto, a hill offering breathtaking views of the stunning Patagonian landscape. 

On our way back down, we met Jorge, a local from Bariloche. Jorge exuded warmth and enthusiasm, and he invited us to explore Circuito Chico with him, a scenic route renowned for its incredible vistas of the city and surrounding lakes. It was an unexpected twist to our hiking adventure, and Jorge's insights into the local culture and natural wonders added depth to our trip. Jorge talked to us about everything; from peronism, his jazz band, his family, or patagonia, he was one of the coolest people I have met in Argentina.

Evening Delights: Cooking Together and Card Games

Evenings in Bariloche were equally fun. Both nights we cooked dinner together and spent quality time talking or playing cards. (another shout out to Phoebe and Harisson for being the chefs of our group too!!!) The time we spent at home consisted of laughs, bonding, talks, and great energy. These simple moments were a reminder that the true essence of travel lies in the people you meet and the connections you forge.

My weekend trip to Bariloche was a perfect blend of adventure, natural beauty, and great encounters. From conquering my skiing fears with the help of friends to hiking Cerro Otto and meeting the hospitable Jorge, every moment will be cherished. Cooking together and playing cards added a touch of home to our adventure. If you are ever in Argentina I absolutely recommend Bariloche to be on your travel lost. 

P.S. I wanted to thank all my friends for sending me the pictures I can use for the blog but most importantly for being there and sharing these moments with me :) <33333

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