How to Meet People in Buenos Aires: A Guide of Events and Organizations for International Students

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Christina Zogopoulou
May 13, 2024

Buenos Aires is undoubtedly one of the easiest cities to make new friends and meet new people. Everyone is very friendly; whether you’re a student, an expat, or a traveler, there are countless opportunities to make friends and immerse yourself in the local scene. Here’s some of the ones I have personally used to get introduced to new people. 

Mundolingo: Language Exchange Events

One of the most popular ways to meet people in Buenos Aires is through Mundolingo. This language exchange event happens 2-3 times a week in various bars across the city. When you arrive, you receive flags representing the languages you speak, which you wear on your chest. This makes it easy to start conversations with others who speak the same languages as you.

Mundolingo, however, is not just for practicing Spanish; it’s an excellent opportunity to practice any language you’re interested in and make new friends from all over the world. Most of the time the groups of people are diverse, from locals to expats and travelers. 

BAIS: Buenos Aires International Students

BAIS (Buenos Aires International Students) is an organization dedicated to connecting international students and providing them with unforgettable experiences in Argentina. They organize trips to various parts of the country, including destinations like Iguazu Falls. I personally went to Iguazu with BAIS and made amazing friends during the trip.

In addition to travel, BAIS hosts a lot of weekly activities (could be even 2-3 per day). These include parties, gatherings, Kahoot/ trivia/ card game nights, theater improv, volleyball matches, movie outings, and more. These events are a fantastic way to meet other international students as well as locals who participate in the activities while also picking the activities you would enjoy doing by yourself too. As a result, you can meet like minded people who share your interests.  Whether you're looking for adventure, cultural exchange, a relaxed game night, or just a fun night out, BAIS has something for every personality.

Language Partner Program

If you're a student at IES Abroad in Buenos Aires you’ll be paired with a language partner. This program is designed to help students practice their Spanish, but it often leads to genuine friendships. Your language partner can introduce you to their social circle, introducing you to the local scene. Through these interactions, you'll not only improve your Spanish but also gain insights into the culture and customs of Buenos Aires. 

Take Up Activities You Enjoy

One of the best ways to meet people anywhere is to engage in activities you love, and Buenos Aires offers so many options. Personally, most of my friends in Buenos Aires come from my dance classes. Since I already spend most of my hours daily in different dance studios  I have been able to meet fellow dancers who share my lifestyle. 

Whether it’s dance, yoga, martial arts, cooking, or any other hobby, pursuing your passions in Buenos Aires can lead to meaningful connections. In most places, everyone is welcomed and Argentinians are always happy to invite you to an asado or introduce you to their friends. 

Midnight Runners

For those who enjoy physical activity, Midnight Runners is a fantastic group to join. This community organizes runs around Buenos Aires and group workouts. Midnight Runners combines exercise with socializing, creating a supportive and energetic environment. Running through the city and exploring its beauty is a really fun experience and easy way to make friends. 


Overall, Buenos Aires is a city with many opportunities for social connections. Embracing these opportunities will transform your experience, make new friends, and learn more about the local culture. Do not be afraid to step out, join an event, take up a class, or go for a run – everyone will happily welcome you!

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Christina Zogopoulou

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