Break in Patagonia: Recommended Hikes and Tips

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Christina Zogopoulou
November 19, 2023
Hikes and smiles

It has been a while since I came back from spring break and I have been trying to write about my experience. I was not sure if I wanted to give tips regarding my trip or talk about my personal experience, so I guess this blog will have a little bit of everything. 

To begin with, I decided to go to el chalten and el calafate for the break. I chose to stay in Argentina since it is a really big country and there is barely any time to explore all of it. Peru, Brazil, Chile, all sound amazing but I wanted to focus on exploring what is here in this beautiful country I have had the opportunity to stay in. The destination was Patagonia and particularly Calafate and el Chalten. A lot of other people did a similar trip but also included Ushuaia, which is equally beautiful. However, me and my friends wanted to not have to rush to do everything and spend a bit more time in each town. 

El Chalten: hikes you should do!

We landed on Calafate and took a bus from the airport to El Chalten, which was about 7000 pesos (prices will definitely change due to inflation but let's say the equivalent of 8-10 dollars). The first day in El Chalten we went to our hostel (Rancho Grande, definitely recommend it is very social and affordable) and rented equipment since we needed crampons and hiking boots. We did a small hike to Chorrillo del salto and saw a beautiful waterfall. The next day, we hiked laguna del desierto to see the glacier heumel. Overall, the hike was short and easy but a bit steep towards the end. If you go during winter I definitely recommend having crampons. The day after we did the hike Laguna de los tres. No need for crampons. The hike was amazing, and the lake was frozen when we went. Our last hike was the hardest one: Fitz Roy. Around 20 kilometers total, the hardest part of this hike is the last one kilometer. If you go during winter, cramp-ons are absolutely NECESSARY. 

El Calafate:

El Chalten has a lot more hikes to do than Calafate so I definitely recommend spending more time there (2 days is more than enough.) The most interesting thing to see in Calafate is the glacier Perito Moreno. There are many activities you can do there, including trekking on the glacier, taking a boat, and walking on a network of different bridges. In my personal opinion, it was not worth it to take the boat since the view was not that different from the bridges. 

If you have a bit of extra time there is a glacier museum that is fun to go to. 

Overall, if you love nature the south of Argentina is truly beautiful. The trip was amazing and gave me the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with my friends since the wifi was limited and we hiked most of the time. 

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