Weekend trips to the Baltic Sea and Copenhagen!

Nina Arbis
April 9, 2017

Free weekends are for travel... & that's exactly what we did! During the last two weekends before "real" semester classes started in Berlin, students took advantage of free time to go and travel. A decent chunk of IES Abroad Berlin students went on the program-organized Baltic Sea trip (where we visited both Warnemünde and Rostock, Germany) for spring break. Then, I personally also tagged along to a Copenhagen, Denmark trip (plus a day-trip to Malmö, Sweden) with a smaller group of friends~ Enjoy!


Bike ride tour around the costal city of Warnemünde (Warnemünde is a north-German city that touches the Baltic sea):

Strolling along the beach:

#Views near the Warnemünde harbor/ embracing the sun:

Döner/Falafel-eating was a must:

Rostock-- Warnemünde's neighboring city. The main square/ market area:

More sun-embracing and park-chilling:

Aaaand on to Copenhagen.... This was the Danish Design Museum (feat. a nice variety of chairs):

Copenhagen canals near Nyhavn. The colors of the buildings were very cute:

Took a less-than-half-an-hour train to get to Malmö, Sweden. We stayed for around 5 hours then headed back to Copenhagen. This was us merely roaming around the town:

Aesthetically pleasing Lutheran(?) church in Malmö:


Catch ya later,



(check out: my flickr album for more!)

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