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Chloe Abracossa
Chloe Abracosa
January 27, 2024

Studying abroad was something I always heard of, but never actually considered in my college plans. I personally never thought about it because I already didn’t like traveling between my school and home; which are on opposite sides of the country.

However, as I reached my sophomore year, I decided to commit my studies to the Social Sciences. This is when I learned about an opportunity to study at Vrije University. I knew that the university had one of the best-ranked programs in the field that I wanted to study. After thinking about it, talking to my mother, as well as meeting with my school’s Global Studies office, I knew that a semester at the VU would be a great supplement to my studies. 

I was also fortunate that the program I wanted to join happened to be in one of my dream cities. Amsterdam was always a city I wanted to visit every time I saw it on a screen. The opportunity to study one of my favorite subjects in a city that I had always wanted to live in was something I could not pass on. 

Now that I am in the program, I am preparing for my departure by watching vlogs from students who have attended before me. From their experiences, I have collected a list of things that I would like to do while I’m in Amsterdam. For example, museum-hop around the Museumplein or walk through the nearby tulip fields in the spring. On top of that, I am also taking some Duolingo lessons in Dutch. Although Amsterdam is an English-speaking city, it couldn’t hurt to know a bit of their local language. I will admit that I am incredibly nervous to take on this adventure. But as I continue to prepare as well as correspond with the IES Abroad team, I am starting to feel more confident. 

As I begin to depart on my journey, my advice to students wanting to study abroad is to not be afraid to reach out to the IES Abroad team for support. Each program has an advisor who would love to assist with any questions or problems. I would also advise students to connect with other people who are considering the same program. This way, you will have your own support network as you start to fill out all the paperwork and organize your travel plans. Through connecting with other students, you will also not feel as alone when you arrive at your destination. 

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Chloe Abracossa

Chloe Abracosa

Chloe Abracosa is a Filipina-American student from Southern California. She is currently in her third year at Sarah Lawrence College studying the Social Sciences. When she is not studying, she loves to play music and take portraits of her friends. 

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