Local Streets, Global Causes

Chloe Abracossa
Chloe Abracosa
March 10, 2024

This past Sunday morning, I was woken by the sounds of cheers and honking cars from the street by my window. As I pressed my face up against the glass and strained my eyes, I could make out a small parade of people holding signs, banging pots and pans, and waving black, white, green, and red flags. I watched as the group of people made it down my street and as they were about to turn the corner, I impulsively decided to join them. I quickly patted down my hair, slid my shoes on, grabbed my camera, and bolted out the door. It took a while to catch up with them, but when I did I was welcomed by a few people who were quick to make space for me to join. As I walked down the streets of my neighborhood, I was pleasantly surprised to see Dutch locals old and young marching together for the same cause.

The demonstration came to an end in the middle of a town square where we got supporting cheers from passing cars and pedestrians. As people started to pack up and leave, I was introduced to one of the main demonstrators, who gave me their contact information and invited me to come back the following week. As I walked back to my dorm, I felt glad that I decided to join the group of protesters and made my voice heard. It was a good reminder that it is still possible to make a difference, even if I am out of my home country.

As someone who is abroad, I understand that it’s easy to get absorbed by a new place and close yourself off to the rest of the world. But when faced with a decision, it is important to remind yourself that your voice matters, regardless of where on the globe you may be. In light of current global events, I urge other students who are currently abroad to find local demonstrations in the area and join them. Just because you are in a different country doesn’t mean your thoughts and opinions don’t matter. You may think that it might not make a difference, but just remember that it is these local demonstrations and protests that help tip the scales on a global level. 

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Chloe Abracossa

Chloe Abracosa

Chloe Abracosa is a Filipina-American student from Southern California. She is currently in her third year at Sarah Lawrence College studying the Social Sciences. When she is not studying, she loves to play music and take portraits of her friends. 

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