Finally Finals!

Chloe Abracossa
Chloe Abracosa
March 17, 2024

My first Dutch Finals Week is finally coming up and I am extremely nervous. The Dutch grading system is completely different from what I’m used to. I am lucky that 2 of my classes only require a final paper. I personally think writing is one of my strong suits, so I’m only a little stressed about that. However, my last class has a 40 question final exam that is worth 80 percent of my grade. This means that one question is worth 2 percent of my grade! Like I said, I’m very nervous. But I have been implementing some habits to make the journey a little more bearable. Here are some things you can do if you are in the same boat as me: 

  1. Stay Organized: Staying on top of my schedule has helped me communicate with my teachers and TAs before things start to ramp up. Keeping an organized calendar has allowed me to ask the right questions during class and get a better understanding of what is expected in my coursework. 
  2. Find a good work spot: I have discovered some good study spots on campus, near my dorm, and even local cafes around the city. I don’t know why, but studying somewhere outside of my room makes me feel more productive. If you are studying in Amsterdam, definitely try to book a session in the Rijksmuseum Library! 
  3. Turn to your peers: I knew I wasn’t the only person nervous about the final exam. So I made an effort to reach out to some fellow classmates and organized a study session. I think studying in a group will help make sure that all the material you are revising is accurate and correct. 
  4. Stay healthy: I have been making sure to keep my body and mind active to give myself breaks in between the study sessions. A quick thirty-minute stroll is a good way to see new parts of the city as well as give my brain some downtime. 

I am lucky that Vrije Universiteit gives all of its students a week off to prepare for Finals. I will definitely make sure that this week doesn’t go to waste and make sure I pass all of my classes! 

Chloe Abracossa

Chloe Abracosa

Chloe Abracosa is a Filipina-American student from Southern California. She is currently in her third year at Sarah Lawrence College studying the Social Sciences. When she is not studying, she loves to play music and take portraits of her friends. 

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