T-minus 1 Month 'til Siena

Cat Blohm
July 27, 2017

One month from today I will be waking up at 4 am to catch a 7 am flight out of SFO and start on my journey to SIENA, ITALY!! There are not enough words to explain how excited I am! I just learned today where I am living and who the different people in the program are. It's not a big group, but personally that makes me a little more comfortable because of my introverted-ness. 

A little about me: I am a rising junior spending Fall 2017 Quarter with IES. I have two siblings: a 18-yr-old brother who is a freshman at SCU, my home-university. I also have a dog named Maui who I am going to miss so so much! Some of my hobbies include photography, drawing, graphic design, web design, and running social media accounts for myself and my pup! You can follow us both @catie__belle and @maui_the__pup. I am lucky beccause my hobbies also happen to be my job. I work full time as the marketing and branding expert for an international business based here in the bay area. But I am also taking summer classes right now too so every day I go to work and then come home and do homework. In otherwords, I work my BUTT off! 

In my free time I like reading books and pinning on Pinterest. Some of the books I have just read include Dreams from My Father and Almost Adulting. I am almost done with Dan Brown's Inferno, but I am taking a while to get through that one due to my lack of free time in recent weeks. I have just recently started a Study Abroad Packing List. I found some other cool boards I am going to link down at the bottom of the page so be sure to check those out since I have to admit my board is a little sparse at the moment. 

In addition to this IES blog, I am maintaining a personal blog outside of IES. There you can find my first post from a month ago called "T-Minues 2 months". The post has a better introduction of who I am and some other advice I have to offer prior to the Siena experience. I am really excited to keep everyone updated on my adventures in Tuscany! My hopes for this blog is to share with you how I prepared for studying abroad, what I did while I'm there, my good days, my bad says, and everything in between. Thanks for checking in and reading my introduction! I appreciate all the support my family, my loved ones, and friends have given me to pursue a study abroad experience. Thank you to IES for selecting me as blogger and IDEA correspondent. 

Check in soon for another post!
Ciao for now, 


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Cat Blohm

<p style="margin-bottom:12.0pt"><span style="color:#404040">I have been writing short stories since I was able to write. My first ever "book" was entitled "Nannette the Wonder Cat" a series of short stories based off the adventures I imagined my cat, Nannette, went on while I was at school all day. I think I was in 2nd grade when that started. I had written the book and illustrated it too. It was quite the little imagination I had. Telling stories and taking photos has been a part of my life since forever and I personally have such an interesting story that I have considered writing a blog on multiple occasions. I think that this opportunity through IES Abroad, to begin my blog while having the experience of a lifetime would serve as a great medium for me to express myself while I am in Siena as well as give me the practice so I can maintain a blog for a long time after my journey with IES Abroad ends.</span><span style="text-autospace:none"><span style="font-size:16.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times&quot;,serif"> </span></span></span></p>

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