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Six Amazing Things about Nice, France

January 22, 2018

At just three weeks in, I have decided to compile my favorite things so far about studying in Nice, France. In retrospect, it truly hasn’t been very long, but I think it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the little things.

1. The rocks by the sea

Nice doesn’t have a typical sandy beach but rather boasts of huge rocks by the Mediterranean. People of all ages lay on the rocks and hang out by them. Located directly by Castle Hill, they provide a perfect view of the water. Plus, when you hear the sea crashing against these giant rocks, the sound of water hitting sand pales in comparison.

2. The weather!!!!

Since we’re talking about outdoor shenanigans, that brings me to my next point: the beautiful, mild weather. Coming from Indiana, 60 degrees in January is more than alright with me.

3. The restaurant scene

Nice does not have a shortage of amazing restaurants. They are quite literally popping out of every corner and each one offers diverse and amazing food. Last week, my friends and I ate at a Swiss restaurant called TradiSwiss, and all I can say is that the fondue changed my life for the better. Not only is the food amazing here, but restaurants also allow you to take your time and simply order drinks if you’d like. This is a stark contrast to the American philosophy of flipping tables as quickly as possible in order to maximize profits.

4. The Siesta

Although it’s a Spanish concept, the Siesta is in full swing here in Nice. Shops close down at lunch and dinner time. Although this came as a source of culture shock when I wanted to get a notebook at 1 pm, I appreciate the fact that the French enjoy their mealtimes. Lunch and chill time is an attitude I can roll with.

5. Free water

For someone who’s never been to Europe, this might sound like a given. However, I just got back from a weekend trip to Spain and was extremely confused when a restaurant refused me tap water. You literally have to buy Evian if you are thirsty. I’m still in shock about this. Does anyone truly get their eight cups a day over there? If so, do they pay 1.20 Euro each time? These are the questions that haunt me.

I may never know the answers, but I do know that servers in Nice have always given me free tap water; not saying this country is superior to study abroad in, but….

6. The tram

I have a deep appreciation for the transportation. Nice is an amazingly easy city to navigate and the tram is especially user-friendly. Three weeks in and I already know how to tram to class, the airport, the beach, and my favorite crepe place (shout out Pop-o-Thym). My mom would be so proud.

There are a million other things to love about Nice, and I’ve really only seen a small part of it so far. Here’s to adding new things to my list.


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