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Brianna Logan
April 12, 2019

Hi Everyone! It has officially been a week since I returned to Freiburg from my member states trip to Lisbon, Rome, and Madrid. First, let me start off by saying that this week has been difficult getting back into work mode when my mindset was still in Lisbon. If you've read my previous blog post about creating a budget while abroad, you can tell that Lisbon is my favorite European city. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time in Rome and Madrid. In fact, I spent a day in Madrid with my friends from college, tasted churros con chocolate for the first time, and made beautiful peacock friends. In Rome, I threw a penny in a wishing well and laughed after finding out that I threw the penny incorrectly into the well. According to the tour guide, you're supposed to throw the penny over your left shoulder into the well. This information was given after my penny had already sunk at the bottom. I guess my wish may not come true! Nonetheless, all three cities were unique and beautiful, but Lisbon created a happiness inside of me. Although my love for this city comes from it reminding me of the two places I call home and the inexpensive food, two additional reasons I enjoyed my time in this city were because of the warm weather and the talent that roamed the streets. My friends and I saw a dance group of kids dancing near the beach. Their ages probably ranged from 5-13. However, it was a group that primarily consisted of girls. Although, one boy danced with them. I admired the talent these kids had and the fact that they were very young as well. When I was within that age group, I could not imagine dancing in front of a crowd let alone join a dancing group because growing up, I was a shy person. Unlike me, however, these kids were very courageous and gave a phenomenal performance.

Now that this week has ended, I am excited because my spring break is next week! Considering my love for Lisbon, I could have returned to that city to spend my break. Although I would have loved to do so, I cannot go because my mom will be coming to visit me in Freiburg for spring break. I am very excited that she is coming to visit! If we had planned earlier and she was coming for the entire week that I am on break, we could have gone to Lisbon. It is acceptable that I will not be spending my break in Lisbon because there are beautiful sights to see in Freiburg as well. We could visit the Black Forest, take the Schaunisland cable car up to Freiburg’s highest address, and go to the beer garden. I have not taken the cable car just yet so it will be a great experience!

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Brianna Logan

<p>Hi everyone!</p><p>My name is Brianna Logan and I am a junior at Skidmore College majoring in International Affairs. I was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in Trinidad and Tobago. I moved back to the United States in 2012. A few fun facts about me include: Meeting American actress, singer, and songwriter, Keke Palmer as well as actress and singer, Anika Noni Rose! Rapper, Bow Wow touched my hand one time when I visited 106&amp;park and was waving at him from the balcony! Some of my hobbies include: watching Netflix, singing, and writing short stories and poetry.</p>

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