Farewell Freiburg: Thank you for the memories and lessons

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Brianna Logan
May 7, 2019

My departure date has officially arrived. As I write this second to last blog post in the airport, I am feeling a mixture of emotions. I am excited to see my family and friends after five months but sad that I will be leaving behind the place that I came to know and enjoy during these months. I will also miss my amazing group of friends that made my study abroad experience valuable.

Eins Cafe’s  one-euro ice cream, crepes, and drinks are some things that I will miss from this beautiful city. My friends and I went to that place very often when we needed a drink to relieve our stress from classes or to get ice cream on a sunny afternoon. Freiburg’s clean and punctual public transportation is another thing that I will miss from this city. As much as I love New York City public transportation, there is not one as clean and punctual as Freiburg’s transportation system.

Another distinction that I noticed between Freiburg and New York City is that people in Freiburg walk at a slower pace. Being in Freiburg has definitely taught me to walk slower instead of rushing to get to places every day. If you are from New York City, you can also attest to the fact that people there walk very quickly on a daily basis. Before coming to Freiburg, I used to walk very quickly as well because I developed that rushed mindset. Now that I am returning to New York City, I hope to not fall back into that mindset because I enjoyed being in an environment where people were not always in a hurry to get somewhere.

Freiburg has also caused me to develop a love for nature. I often visited parks here on the weekends with friends and enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite park is Seepark! If you are thinking about studying in Freiburg or visiting this beautiful city with family and friends, I would highly recommend going there. It is very attractive, especially with the giant fishes and turtles! Considering I am getting ready to board my plane, this post will be short. Once I have returned home and reflected more on my study abroad experience, I will share my perspective on the EU program, discussing how it helped me to develop as an individual. Until then, cheers!

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Brianna Logan

<p>Hi everyone!</p><p>My name is Brianna Logan and I am a junior at Skidmore College majoring in International Affairs. I was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in Trinidad and Tobago. I moved back to the United States in 2012. A few fun facts about me include: Meeting American actress, singer, and songwriter, Keke Palmer as well as actress and singer, Anika Noni Rose! Rapper, Bow Wow touched my hand one time when I visited 106&amp;park and was waving at him from the balcony! Some of my hobbies include: watching Netflix, singing, and writing short stories and poetry.</p>

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