My Mom’s Reaction to Freiburg!

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Brianna Logan
April 27, 2019

Spring Break has sadly come to an end. Although I wish it could have been longer, I miss my family and friends back in the United States, hence I am looking forward to my departure flight in less than two weeks. My mom’s visit to Freiburg was an amazing experience, she absolutely loved it! Like me, this was her first time coming to Europe, therefore she was nervous but also excited to witness a new environment outside of New York City. Besides the anxiety she felt when crossing the tram lines and the streets simultaneously while people rode their bikes in Freiburg, she enjoyed seeing the Münster, the beer garden, and hearing the legend behind the Bächle, which are tiny streams that run throughout the city. I will not share the legend behind the Bächle in this post because I would like to give future students who are thinking about this program something interesting to look forward to.

My mom also loved German beer. I am not kidding when I say that we drank German beer every day while she was here! During the tour that I gave her of the city, I showed her the IES Abroad Center, and we saw a group of people salsa dancing nearby. We did not join the dancers because we were not sure if they were a part of a dance class, and we did not know how to salsa dance. Therefore, we stood in a corner and watched the entertainment. She also enjoyed the sunny weather! Unfortunately, we did not go in the cable car because she was afraid that the cable line would disconnect, and the car would fall. I tried to convince her that it was safe to go in it, however, she was still nervous to do so. Instead, I continued to give her a tour of the town, we drank more beer, and basked in the sun on the rooftop of the hostel in which I am living in Freiburg. Considering my mom only came to visit me for three days because she had to return to work, I could not get all the activities completed on my list that I wanted to. Maybe next time when we come back to Germany, we can complete my list because we would like to return to Freiburg for vacation in the future. Though her visit was short, I still enjoyed seeing her. After all, I have not seen her since I left New York City in January. As my time gets closer to return to the United States, I become more excited because I will be able to see the rest of my family and friends. This week, I just have to get through finals then start packing my suitcase.

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Brianna Logan

<p>Hi everyone!</p><p>My name is Brianna Logan and I am a junior at Skidmore College majoring in International Affairs. I was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in Trinidad and Tobago. I moved back to the United States in 2012. A few fun facts about me include: Meeting American actress, singer, and songwriter, Keke Palmer as well as actress and singer, Anika Noni Rose! Rapper, Bow Wow touched my hand one time when I visited 106&amp;park and was waving at him from the balcony! Some of my hobbies include: watching Netflix, singing, and writing short stories and poetry.</p>

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