Once Upon a Dream

Avani Kolla
May 19, 2014

I cannot believe I will be in Spain in less than 2 weeks! The excitement is overwhelming as my dream of traveling to Spain is finally coming true.  Here are some of the experiences I hope to have and dreams I hope to fulfill as I embark on this journey:

1. Try new foods – I’ve heard that the food cooked by the home stay hosts is absolutely mouthwatering.

2. Talk to my host and other Spaniards to learn more about the culture and traditions of Salamanca.

3. See the beautiful architecture of Salamanca and the stunning beaches on our weekend trip to Portugal.

4. Speak fluently (or at least close to fluently) in Spanish

5. Sit in a Spanish university and feel what it is like to be a student studying in Spain.

These experiences I hope to have in Spain have been long awaited; my passion for learning about other cultures and languages is deeply rooted.  In fact, I speak English, Telugu, Hindi, Spanish, a little bit of Italian, and am learning Arabic next fall.  I even taught myself how to read and write Telugu one summer for fun.

My passion for traveling and sense of wanderlust is also deeply instilled in me.  Anywhere I travel, I buy a keychain as an emblem of the new perspective and experiences the trip has given me.  I also love the feeling and exhilaration of being in airports — the hustle and bustle around me, the melting pot of cultures and languages, the people of such contrasting backgrounds.  I dream to travel and unveil as many treasures of the world as possible throughout my life!

While I enjoy travelling, I also think it’s important to be at home and spend time creating memorable moments with friends and family.  For those who don’t already know me, here are some photos of some memorable moments with my friends and family to help you get to know me better!

My mom, dad, sister, and I in Alaska

Me with my sister

Me with my cousins enjoying the Minnesota snow

A few of my friends from my hometown in Minnesota

My friends from University of PIttsburgh visiting Washington D.C.

Just a typical day with some of my friends


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