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Ashley Carrasco-Hernandez
December 26, 2023

My flight back was a long one, if one thing I learned about flying from California to Madrid is to take one non-stop flight instead of one with e connecting one. It was a long journey from my first flight leaving 11 a.m. from Madrid and not getting to California until 11 p.m. The math is too much and complicated at the moment but basically spent a whole day traveling. However, that didn’t stop me from finally being able to see my family. I missed them so much but my body could no longer take it and I knocked out from how exhausted I was from carrying my heavy luggage’s around. 

Although I missed my family, there was one person in particular that I missed and couldn’t wait to see, and that was my dog. I missed him and he missed me. For a week straight he would follow me around and making sure I didn’t leave him again which was cute at first but then got a little annoying after when I couldn’t even use the restroom. Although he constantly asks me to pick him up and carry him around, it has gotten better and we are both happy to be reunited again.

I am happy to be back. I really missed my mom and grandma's home cooked meals, I was so sad I missed Thanksgiving and missing all that good food to eat but I would have been even more sad if I missed Christmas with my family as well. I think the best thing was able to see their reactions at the gifts I was able to bring back for them from my travels; honestly, I wouldn’t have traded that for the world. I am excited to return back to my life here but at the same time I miss my other home.

I know I was homesick in Salamanca but now I’m homesick for Salamanca. It almost feels surreal and that it was all a long dream even though I know it all happened. The jetlag took a while to get adjusted, it took me a week to get adjusted back to my sleeping schedule and food times, with a combination of fatigue. However, I am better now and can’t wait to see my friends. I miss the peace I once had, I miss the city lights, I miss the partying, I miss my friends, I miss the architecture that once surrounded me, and weirdly enough I miss everything being so close/ walking everywhere. My last week was a rollercoaster of emotions but that rollercoaster is still going and not sure what I should be feeling, I am still adjusting. 

However, I am so grateful for being able to go abroad, it will be my roman empire. I would do this all over again if given the chance and my advice would be if you have the chance or opportunity to go abroad, I say go for it and take. It will be worth it and the experience will be unforgettable, and I hope to go back and visit one day. 

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Ashley Carrasco-Hernandez headshot

Ashley Carrasco-Hernandez

Hola! I am Ashley Carrasco-Hernandez. I am a first-generation student studying at the University of Redlands. I enjoy painting, watching movies (Fav Movie: Corpse Bride), going to the beach, stargazing, sleeping, and trying new foods!

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