Week Three (Finals)

Ariela Brody
June 26, 2015

As final exams are approaching I feel much calmer than I had previously anticipated. Even though my past associations with testing have revolved around fear and nervous anticipation my language professor has been reviewing daily with us, brushing up on our grammar as well as our vocabulary. This will actually be my first time taking an exam without extended time, which is a choice that I have made after attempting to step out of my own comfort zone. My college, Sarah Lawrence, chooses to focus on developing essays rather than test taking and because of this I am a little bit rusty. Even under these circumstances, the professors at the University of Salamanca seem more focused on using these exams as a tool to show us how far we have come as Spanish speakers rather than an arbitrary means of measuring the class as a whole. This individualized attention has really made me feel motivated and inspired to continue practicing. I constantly hear horror stories; from fellow classmates that have chosen to study abroad, of professors that shame their students if they cant express themselves clearly or discourage questions. In this program, the professors are endlessly patient. They are willing to answer any and all questions and I had many. My second class, oral skills, is a perfect example of this. Revolving predominantly around heated debates and discussions of current events, the value of an international student body and incredibly engaging teachers become obvious as the conversation is constantly flowing. Overall the thrill of living in Salamanca has not faded, in the least, by week three. If anything, I am finally beginning to establish the small daily routines that make a place feel like home.


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Ariela Brody

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