"Tell Me Everything!"

Ana Castellanos
August 26, 2019

Now that I have completed my summer internship abroad and am back home meeting with friends and family, everyone is asking to hear everything about my experience. However, it’s difficult to know exactly what aspects of my summer to focus on, especially when I'm trying to fit the whole experience in about a minute of conversation. I imagine many others have had a similar experience after studying abroad or completing an internship in a different country. So, to answer this very open-ended question you can tell people where you were, whether you liked the city you lived in, what you studied or where you did your internship, your main responsibility if you did an internship, bring up something interesting you saw, and briefly mention one way in which the city was similar or different to home (you can do this by talking about the food, language, or other parts of the culture). Thinking about these questions will not only help guide your conversation once you’re back home, but it will also serve as a short personal reflection of your time abroad.

Another thing people love to see are pictures! As you explore your host city, remember to capture moments of your time there. But do not allow yourself to get lost in this alone. Be present and mindful of your time, relationships and energy. Here are a few I have been loving as I remember my time in Paris:


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Ana Castellanos

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