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Oct 10 5:58am

Tips for Exploring Rome

by Matthew

Last weekend my roommates and I finally made it to Rome and enjoyed the incredible sights the city has to offer, but there are definitely some tips I wish I had before our trip.

Oct 8 8:01pm

The Truth Revealed: 9 Misconceptions about Latinx Students & Study Abroad Debunked

by IES Abroad

In order to appreciate Latinx students' uniqueness and help them navigate the study abroad process, it is critical to acknowledge the diversity that exists within the Latinx community. We asked some recent IES Abroad Latinx alums to share their thoughts on some common misconceptions about Latinx students and study abroad. Here's what they have to say.

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Oct 7 4:35pm

Breaking the Stigma About Mental Health Abroad: Correspondents Share Their Personal Stories

by IES Abroad

We are so proud that our Correspondents are using their blog posts to help break the stigma about maintaining and managing mental health while studying abroad.

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Oct 7 10:50am

Tourist Time in Barcelona!

by Sallie

I have been in Barcelona for a full month now and it would be safe to say I’m still in the “honeymoon phase” of abroad that people told me about before I left.

Oct 6 7:01am

Mint Mom: My Viennese Houseplant

by Brittney

How I acquired my houseplant in Vienna.

Oct 4 7:55am

Berlin from 679 ft, Fridays for the Future, and a brief German lesson

by Elena

From the top of the TV tower, 679 feet above Alexanderplatz, the IES Abroad Center is only discernible by the mural across the construction zone asking, “How Long is Now?” From there, your eyes can follow the wide street, Unter der Linden, all the way to the Brandenburg Gate.