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Nov 16 3:17am

Everything Is Art: Chasing The Lights At Eindhoven GLOW

by Shanela

In many ways, Eindhoven GLOW is the polar opposite of the festivals I grew up with. But light and life are becoming art here, and that’s familiar enough for me.

Nov 15 5:03am

I Amsterdam, But Not for Long — Coming to Terms with Time Running Out

by Betsy

This city and my experiences inside and outside of this city are continuing to define parts of who I am. To reflect, here are a few ways that I define Amsterdam.

Nov 14 7:01am

What to Consider when Choosing your Studying Abroad Location

by Michael

Going into college, I frequently heard college graduates say that they regret not studying abroad. This makes sense when you think about the opportunities that are present when studying abroad.

Nov 13 10:09am

ESSENTIAL London Transportation Guide

by Madison

I never had much experience with public transportation before London, but I’ve now mastered turning a six-minute walk to the tube station into a three-minute walk just to catch the next train. Here is a breakdown of the major types of transportation, a guide to using them, and any suggestions I have. I wish I had something like this before I came to London!

Nov 11 6:56pm

A Final Few Weeks in Auckland

by Isabelle

Finals have started at the University of Auckland! I’ve found that here, it is a much more intense period than it is in the US. All finals here are about 50% of the course, some being up to 75% – which I find to be an insane amount of pressure on a two-hour exam.

Nov 10 3:49pm

Island Hopping for Fall Break

by Jennifer

While the leaves are beginning to change color and brisk temperatures emerge at my home university, it has started to get warmer and rainier in San Cristóbal.