The Best Seafood I’ve had In Sydney (So Far)

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Alyssa Burlison
March 4, 2024

This past month in Sydney has been nothing short of dreamy. Already I surfed at sunrise, hiked through a Jurassic Park-like jungle, and explored the many beaches scattered throughout the city. Most importantly I enjoyed the food. A lot. Specifically, the seafood and the freshness that comes with living by the ocean. Which is why for my first blog post, I wanted to share a few of my favorite meals.    

  1. A Sushi Wrap From Sushi Meow 

    Located along Bondi Beach, Sushi Meow offers the perfect lunch for a day by the sea. Here you can get sushi in the form of one or two large wraps rather than multiple tiny rolls. This makes it easy to grab your lunch, then have a perfect picnic at one of the prettiest beaches in Sydney. The fish tucked into the seaweed wraps at Sushi Meow always tastes fresh and sweet. In the end, this has become one of my favorite meals because it keeps you full but is not too heavy to make you feel bloated or weighed down before playing in the waves at Bondi. 

    1. A Classic Lox Bagel At George Street Deli 

      Coming from Texas, bagels are not taken too seriously. My knowledge does not expand far beyond an everything bagel with cream cheese at Einstein’s. However, I am happy to report that George Street Deli has forever changed this for me. The deli is a short walk from my student accommodation. Their menu offers a range of specialty bagels and pastries. I of course had to try the “Lox Classic” and did not regret it. The bagel had the perfect amount of cream cheese (a lot), along with capers, tomatoes, and smoked trout that was cooked to perfection. In the end, George Street Deli has become one of my favorite places to grab breakfast or an early lunch on my way to class.   

    2. A Poke Bowl From Bondi Icebergs 

      I can't leave out the meal I had at the breathtaking Bondi Icebergs club. Overlooking Bondi Beach, this restaurant is a must do when visiting Sydney. If you're lucky enough to sit on the balcony you can see the entire beach. My friends and I watched as the surfers tried to catch waves and we even got a glimpse of the lifeguards from Bondi Beach Rescue. Most importantly of course, the food was exceptional. I ordered a poke bowl, and it was inspiring, life changing, wonderful. Just really good okay! The bowl came packed with seared tuna, seaweed salad, edamame, avocado, and brown rice. All the ingredients made one of the best poke bowls I have tasted. It was the perfect meal to enjoy while looking at the view of the sun setting on the ocean.  





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