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Alyssa Burlison
June 26, 2024

I have loved getting to live in Sydney for the past couple of months. Coming from a small town in Texas, having endless activities to do is a dream come true for me. Here I’ve compiled a list of my favorite stops around the city that you should be sure to check out if you ever find yourself in Sydney. 

  1. Visit the Taronga Zoo 

    A quick ferry ride across the harbor takes you to this one-of-a-kind zoo. Here you can see lions, koalas, giraffes, and even a stellar view of the opera house. If you're in Sydney, visiting the Taronga Zoo has to be at the top of your list. It’s a great chance to connect with some Australian wildlife and learn a little bit more about the world we live in. 

  2. Relax at Bondi Beach

    Some people might argue Bondi Beach is too touristy but it’s touristy for a reason. This iconic beach is a great place to surf, shop, and eat. The beach is surrounded by adorable small businesses and cuisines that will fit any palette. Last time I was even lucky enough to see dolphins playing in the waves. In the end, if you can handle the crowds hitting Bondi Beach is a great way to spend an afternoon.

  3. Check Out The Sydney Opera House 

    Speaking of touristy, you can't go to Sydney without visiting the Opera House.  Not only this, but I would recommend seeing a show inside.  A few weeks ago IES took our group to see the Sydney Orchestra play music from Singing In The Rain. Not only was the performance wonderful and created a fun evening with my friends,  but seeing a show allowed us to explore the inside of one of Sydney’s famous landmarks. 

  4. Explore The Chinese Garden Of Friendship 

    Located in Darling Harbor, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is a great way to slow down and escape the fast-paced city life. Filled with colorful flowers and dazzling trees, this garden makes it easy to relax and reconnect with nature. If you go in the Summer, you might be lucky enough to see some of the giant water dragons that inhabit the garden. 

  5. Have a Wonderful Meal On King's Street 

    If you study at the University of Sydney, it won’t take you long to learn about Kings Street. It’s lined with great bars and restaurants of all different types of cuisines. Every Wednesday night, I and my friends meet at Wing Boy for cheap chicken wings. When my best friend came to visit, I made sure to take her to my favorite place for ravioli, the Italian Bowl. Then no trip to Kings Street is complete without a sweet treat. For that, I recommend YoChi, a frozen yogurt place with some of the best toppings I’ve ever had. 

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