It Just Keeps Getting Better! (I'm Lying)

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Aliya Sayani
September 25, 2022
It Just Keeps Getting Better! (I'm Lying)

“Aliya…you’re homesick”

I am not homesick. I just miss seeing my mom everyday and my best friend being a 15 minute drive away. I just miss having the windows rolled down, obscenely screaming song lyrics after a 2 AM Taco Bell run. I’m not homesick…I just miss everything about being home.

Fine. I’m homesick.

I feel stupid just saying that. Adults don’t get homesick. They’re adaptable. Flexible. Adults don’t miss the best summer they’ve ever had or talking with their mom for hours at the kitchen table every night.

Or so I thought. Cause clearly, here I am missing all those things.

It’s been hard y’all. It’s been hard being away from my friends, family, and significant other. And it’s not like I’m with them all the time when I’m back in the U.S., but it’s this time zone that’s really getting me. 7 hours!!! By the time my mom gets off work and calls me, it’s like 12 AM here. And some of y’all are probably like “Whaaat that’s not even that late?” I literally sleep at 10 PM. I never have and never will be a night owl. So yeah. The time difference sucks. It makes it very hard to have good, meaningful conversation with all the people I love back home. I’m basically half asleep while my mom’s talking about the cool, new patient she has at the hospital or when my boyfriend’s telling me about how excited he is for the new graphics or whatever on 2K23. It makes me feel like a terrible daughter, girlfriend, friend…all of the above.

In my last post, I shared with y’all about the 4 stages of study abroad grief. And sigh…here I am smack in the middle of the homesickness stage. Yeah I have a great roommate and a couple friends in the program to help me get through it, but it really is a bummer. Especially because I don’t want to waste my time just moping around when I have this beautiful city at my fingertips.

I guess my plan for these next couple weeks while I get over this hump is to just kinda wait it out? I don’t want to sit in my room miserably but I also don’t want to just shove these feelings inside and pretend like they don’t exist. That’s a big belief of mine. You gotta let yourself wallow in the crap but you can’t let it consume you.

In the meantime, I’m going to figure out a way to properly communicate with all my people back home. And I’m also gonna start leaving my room for more than just class. I don’t have it all totally figured out yet as you can tell from this horror show of a post, but hopefully I will soon. And I’ll let y’all know how it goes (:

Hugs and kisses.

P.S. I feel like I could write 3 whole posts about the Ls I’ve taken since coming to Nice. Remind me to never step out of my comfort zone again.

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