Budapest: My Dream City!! (Part Two)

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Aliya Sayani
November 17, 2022
Budapest: My Dream City!! (Part Two)

Our first day started nice and early with croissants, a market in some random alley, and Fisherman’s Bastion. The city looked completely different in the day time. Better, if that’s even possible. It wasn’t super touristy either which is always nice. The weather, the architecture, the scenery was just perfect. Blah blah blah fast forward to my favorite part. THE BATHS.

Budapest is super famous for these giant bathhouses with saunas, massage rooms, giant hot tubs, all the works. There’s just something about going into a hot tub in 25 degree weather that really tickles your toes. It was so relaxing. Gotta do the baths if you make it out to Budapest, y’all. We kinda flitted around all over the place checking out the saunas, the indoor and outdoor bath areas, getting a wonderful demonstration from a local of how to use some of the amenities. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Just imagine having a totally dog water day at work or school and you get to hit the baths and relax. All I’ve got back home in the lovely city of Bedford is the Rec. And I would literally never step foot in their pools, no thank you. So yeah unless you live in like Hollywood you probably have never seen something this cool and you gotta try it (-:

Day 3 was departure day )-: Big sad. We woke up early again to maximize our time which was kind pointless cause the city was SO foggy, we couldn’t see any of the stuff we visited lol. But we did go to an indoor market. It was a super big one I can’t remember the name but I’m sure it’s like the first thing that pops up when you search “Budapest Market.” You’ll find it don’t worry. Market, yeah. Super cool. So much random stuff in that place, you could spend forever looking at it all. We tried some super good street food that was like bread and cheese and hot dogs? I’ve heard not positive things about Hungarian food for the most part from fellow travelers but this stuff hit like cinnamon sticks if I do say so myself. Again don’t know what it was called. Which really isn’t my fault. I think on the menu it was literally called “bread with cheese and hot dog.” Sorry :D

After our hustle and bustle morning, it was time to go home )-: I was extremely sad to leave the best place ever, as you can imagine. Y’all if you’re on a budget or like having a good time, check this city out!! It was so so wonderful. The city has so much to offer and see and eat. There was really not a single bad thing about my time there if I’m being completely honest. Definitely check out the places I mentioned too! They’re some of the “must-do’s” while you’re in Budapest. But also, don’t forget to just walk around and get lost in the city. That’s how we walked into this beautiful castle on some random little island one night. Let ya legs take you where you’re supposed to go.

I hope if you visit you absolutely love the city like I did. Eat a bread with cheese and hot dog for me (-:

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