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Alia McLaughlin
April 29, 2024

Imagine yourself, relaxing on the rocks over the relentless waves of a brilliant, blue lake. You look ahead and see nothing but wispy clouds and the welcoming arms of mountains. While I thought this moment would be a dream, this is an instant I shared with four friends during our week break in Bariloche. While we enjoyed various heartwarming meals and drinks, we also enjoyed several views, and “caminos”. In this blog, I wanted to highlight two of my favorite things, food and spending time outside through a tasteful pairing of munches and memories throughout the trip. So, sit back, relax, and indulge in these small bites of happiness.

Tostada de Jamón y Queso con Chocolate Caliente & Camino a Cascada de los Duendes

On our way to the waterfall, our bus dropped us off aways from the park. With the winds picking up, I craved the toasty, frothy hot chocolate to warm my hands while I satisfied the grumbling of my stomach with a ham and cheese sandwich. Afterward, he walk was filled with beautiful views and the waterfall was even more breathtaking. 

Ham and Cheese Sandwhich and Hot chocolate
Three girls walking along the road overlooking mountains and a lake


Helado de Rapanui (vaso chico) & Lago al lado de San Carlos de Bariloche

I fully stand by the idea that it's never too cold for ice cream. While I did not eat ice cream righttt after this quick polar plunge, I did indulge in some creamy Rapanui ice cream that night. Despite not doing a polar plunge in a while, the most fun part was this spontaneous decision to join some people I met from our hostel to have some fun on the beach. 

two scoops of icecream!


people walking back from the rocky beach


Solo Chocolate Caliente!!

Simple does it.  A warm cup of hot chocolate on a nice walk is the best feeling ever. The mild autumn breeze, crisp colors of the changing trees, and good company

three cups of hot chocolate in blue ceramic cups
3 friends walking in town with the fall colors!


Jamón y Queso & Villa Tacul (Llao Llao Hill)

This photo needs no explanation. After a satisfying hike up the hill, we were rewarded with the expansive views of the clear lake, blue skies, and majestic mountains. We broke for lunch, munching on ham and cheese sandwiches and chips.  One of my favorite moments, this food pairing was simply the most relaxing. 

three hands holding a jam and cheese sandwhich on top of a hill

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