An Energetic Start to Your Week: Bomba de Tiempo

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Alia McLaughlin
June 9, 2024

If you are in a slump and need something to energize yourself for the week, look no further than the Bomba de Tiempo concerts that are held at the Ciudad Cultural Konex. Every Monday, you can find yourself surrounded by the vibrant waves of people grooving to the steady beat of the drums. At the beginning of the IES Abroad orientation, our program leaders took us to see Bomba de Tiempo and it was a blast enjoying such an abundant music culture. Just the past week, I was invited by a friend whom I met in Patagonia to join his hostel and watch the band's concert. We all took the Subte and walked together from the station to the concert venue, which has an indoor and outdoor section. Given that it's Winter, the band performed indoors. The concert started around 8 p.m., and the crowd slowly grew, what I most enjoyed was the community felt by every person. Whether you came with your friends or came alone, everyone was open to dance and enjoy a lively experience with you. The music is a unique mix of percussion, vocals, and other instruments. The band conveyed such a strong rhythm that you couldn't help yourself but to move your body with the crowd, in whichever way you felt!

The general atmosphere is one that is filled with energy, art, community, and movement- a must go to for anyone!!

3 friends at the concert!

A group of us that went this past week!

a puercussion band playing in front a lit up stage

Behind the band, a series of photos that play world-class fútbol players flash to the rhythm of the music

friends at Bomba de Tiempo

IES Abroad friends at Bomba de Tiempo; what better way to start the Spring Semester!

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