Making Memories in Mykonos!

Alanna Williams
April 30, 2019

For spring break, it seemed like everyone in the IES Abroad Milan program had the same idea, which was to go to Greece. A big portion of our program traveled to the country for the week. Some of us were in Athens, others in Mykonos, and some even went to both! I was lucky enough to spend the week in Mykonos with 11 of my friends from IES Abroad. We rented a villa that had more than enough space for all of us and two pools! We were beyond excited to be spending our week there and even more excited to explore the island. It was little chilly the first couple of days, but we didn’t mind staying in and bonding. We hired a private chef for a day and had an all-white party to celebrate Michaela’s 21st birthday. When the weather improved, we spent our days exploring the island, going to the beach, and doing some shopping. There was one day where we accidentally stumbled upon a strip of beach clubs and we ended up spending our entire day and night there! Coincidentally, other IES Abroad students ended up doing the same thing too! It was so fun seeing familiar faces. It felt like one huge family vacation! This spring break was definitely one for the books!

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Alanna Williams

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