Bustling through Bergamo!

Alanna Williams
January 17, 2019

Before I even booked my flight to Milan, my Italian professors were constantly telling me that I needed to visit Bergamo! When my flight landed, the first message that I received from one of them was “Make sure you visit Bergamo!” So, during the first free weekend that I had here in Milan, that’s exactly what I did! My friend Kerry and I spent early Saturday afternoon running around the train station trying to figure out where to go. That alone was an adventure in itself. We made it to the train platform with minutes to spare and were off in no time. I had no idea what to expect while in Bergamo. I didn’t look up anything before I went there, I just knew that it was something that I needed to experience. When we got there, the first thing we saw was the upper city in the distance. We didn’t know how we were going to get up there but we just started walking towards it hoping there was a way! Lucky for us, we walked right to the cable car and were in the upper city in a matter of minutes. The view during the cable car ride was insane! The sun was setting over the buildings and made the city look surreal. When we got into the upper city I was in awe at how much it contrasted with the lower city. It was so historic, quiet, and compact. I loved it! In this little city there was so much to explore and experience. I tried all of the signature foods (they each had polenta in it). We went into every single store that we possibly could and took a lot of pictures of course! All in all, it was a great place to spend the day! A più tardi Bergamo!

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