Nagoya, Japan, Month of June

Akina Obata
August 12, 2019

Studying abroad at Nanzan University this summer was very busy, but very fulfilling. I learned so much, and even though every day was a struggle, every day was worth the experience. Us international students often had field trips or activities on Wednesdays, and the other days were full of Japanese language learning. I would tag along with friends I have made along this experience to places such as Osu or Sakae shopping district. I also got along with my host family and my classmates well. My host mother would generously take me places, or even just take me along with her grocery shopping at the local supermarket. The supermarkets in Japan are amazing, in my opinion. I remember studying often after classes with a few other classmate friends on the 3rd floor of R building, where we can view outside the big windows and watch the sunset over the big city. 

Towards the end of June, (六月)the IES Abroad students had a weekend field trip to Kyoto. We went to numerous temples and shrines, stayed in a hotel, and ate dinner together at an interesting restaurant that weekend. Some of the places we went to were:


金閣寺/きんかくじ kinkakuji

銀閣寺/ぎんかくじ ginkakuji

三十三間堂/さんじゅうさんげんどう sanjuusangendo,

伏見稲荷大社/ふしみいなりたいしゃ fushiminaritaisha

We also went to a furoshiki/handkerchief workshop in Kyoto and custom made our own designs. Our Kyoto field trip was amazing, and I would love to go again in the future. That wraps up the month of June. It was so fun and worth the experience. 

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