Swimming to the Other Side of the Pond – Before I Take Off!

Abbigail Vandersnick
June 3, 2014

My situation is a little odd. I’m GOING TO LONDON! I am more than excited, but I’m already in the Netherlands. I am so close yet so far away from my summer in the UK.

You might be thinking, “Why is she overseas already?!” Well, friends, my family lives over here and I am fortunate enough to visit them before I take off to new sites, new studies, and new people.


I feel like I’m in this surreal world. The Netherlands is a wonderful place and amazingly sunny for its proximity to the North Sea. But I keep pinching myself, thinking this is all a dream!


This morning I woke up and while showering thought to myself “you’re going to be in London in less than a week”! And as much as I’m excited for this new episode in my life, I am also very nervous and scared about all the unexpected things I will surely encounter.


A little tid-bit of what I’m packing and what I hope to do while I’m abroad for all those wondering.


  1. I want to see all the sites. Yes, even the cheesiest ones like the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum or Sherlock Holmes “residence” 221B Baker Street!
  2. If I can manage, I’d like to see a Royal or even a famous Brit. Maybe that’s a star-struck attitude, but I’m all for it!
  3. I’m a little scared of heights but I’ll stomach the fear just to get on the London Eye for a great view of the city!
  4. Mostly I want to truly assimilate into London and make some friends!
  5. As for my suitcase, I took 4 pairs of shoes (shoes, sandals, sneakers, & cute flats!). Which thinking back might have been one too many, but at least I’ll be styling!
  6. As for clothes, I brought a moderate amount. Couple jeans, shorts, and skirts. And tops that can be interchangeable since the weather in London (temperamental) requires layers.


I’m not going into this program with any friends but with the potential of making fresh new ones in my journeys abroad.

I bet they are thinking the same things I am, how will I get along there, will I make friends, how am I supposed to pack all my clothes and still leave space to take home all the neat things I see?


I have a friend who studied abroad in Poland last year and she’s the one who inspired me to pursue this. I didn’t even think it was possible for me!


Yet here I am, ready to go, with butterflies in my stomach and my heart pounding. As my friend has told me about her experiences, “Just go out and have fun. Explore your surroundings, takes risks, and most of all, get the most out of your time abroad!”


So with that in mind, I’ll do just that!


Signing off,


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