Abbigail Vandersnick
August 5, 2014

This is a multiple of things, like a piece of work for my video production class, an entry into the IES Abroad film festival, but most importantly a reflection on my time and changes as a person whilst studying abroad.

I went and did some things I never would have done but the most striking thing about that, is I did it on my own most of the time. I feel so much more independent and confident in my decisions and myself.
I feel like I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been in a summer but also like I’ve been in another world, soaking up all these good experiences.

Maybe that’s a little cryptic but my time in London is difficult to sum up into just a few paragraphs.
I kind of have Destiny’s Child “Independent Women” going on in my head, but it’s how I’ve been feeling.

As for being in London, it was wonderful.

The people of London are so diverse, it was so easy to blend in and feel a part of the whole city made up of different peoples, not just English. The English were all so accommodating, but there was a certain expectation that you take care of yourself and be mindful of others. Which I wholly prefer.
It’s quite funny, my first week in London I had to ask for directions, which were happily given, and by the end I had people coming up to me on how to get places! Apparently I looked like I knew where I was going.

I saw all the landmarks and attractions we all know about London. But by far, being up in the London Eye and seeing all of London and its countryside was the most memorable and breathtaking.
I’m really fortunate to have had a class in which we explored most of the city. I got to see so many places, like Camden Lock Market, that I didn’t even know about. It was like finding a hidden gem in an already great treasure.

Going out at night was a blast! There were so many historical pubs and music venues that had tons of famous and local performers.
I actually went to British Summertime in Hyde Park concert series the night that The National headlined for NEIL YOUNG!!!

Needless to say, it was a ‘brilliant’ night

The food was more than just fish ‘n’ chips. With a city so compact and desirable to live in there is a massive influx of cultures. One night you can go get traditional steak and ale pies and the next get a spicy Indian curry. I’m a self-professed ‘foodie’ and I got the most out of that part of London.

One of the best parts of being here this summer was the World Cup. It was amazing to see the people and fans of soccer who are truly passionate about the sport. Along with cheering on USA, I found myself cheering for England, and then Brazil, Belgium to Netherlands and then to Mexico. It really felt like a ‘World’ cup. A moment in time where everyone could cheer for their countries but still be kind to one another.

Being home is quiet now, especially since my family home is in the cornfields of the Midwest, in between small towns and little cities. I like that its quiet, London was always ‘on’.
But I feel like it has gotten a little smaller since returning. I know of the possibilities the rest of world has to offer
While I love the US dearly, I honestly felt like I had found a new home.

I know it takes time to re-adjust and it feels more like home everyday,but I still have London in the back of my mind. Hoping I can return one day.

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Abbigail Vandersnick

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