Why Past Students Are Thankful for Their IES Abroad Academic Experiences

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When you study abroad with IES Abroad, the world becomes your classroom. Our IES Abroad Ambassadors are sharing why they’re thankful for their experiences studying abroad, and it’s no surprise that academics are on their list.

Whether it was incredible interactions with faculty and coursework, inspiring course-related field trips, or becoming confident speaking a new language, our Ambassadors are grateful for the impact of the study in study abroad. Read their stories below:

Nicholas Dudler
Nicholas Dudler
IES Abroad Milan, Fall 2016
Santa Clara University


"While on the Business Studies Program in Milan, I discovered more about my interest in food studies. I was able to take a course about the history of Italian cuisine, which sparked my interest in global food study, sustainability, and the Slow Food movement. As a result, I have now applied to do a Master’s program in Gastronomic Studies in Italy, and in the future, I plan to work in the food and beverage industry."

Simmy Vig
Simmy Vig
IES Abroad Cape Town, Summer 2017
University of Mississippi


"I'm thankful for study abroad because it has helped me solidify my passion for going to medical school and becoming a physician. Before traveling to Cape Town and gaining more than 50 hours of service learning while interacting with patients, nurses, and doctors in various hospitals, I realized that this type of environment is suitable for me."

Isabella Dickens-Bowman
Isabella Dickens-Bowman
IES Abroad Quito, Summer 2017
College of William & Mary


"As a Latin American Studies and Environmental Science & Policy major, the Environmental Studies Program in Ecuador was perfect for me! My study abroad experience has allowed me to conceptualize the things I learn in class in a way that I never would have been able to do before."

alexandra aldarelli
Alexandra Aldarelli
IES Abroad London, Spring 2017
Penn State University


"I've always wanted to study abroad in London, and I finally got the opportunity to do so while getting to study my major subject of choice. I was immersed in classes that peaked my interests in classic works of literature, history, and adventure around my favorite city all in the name of knowledge!"

jake ward
Jake Ward
IES Abroad Berlin, Spring 2017
Tulane University


"I’m thankful for studying abroad because of the way in which the experience has shaped my approach to my Senior Thesis. I am focusing on a political party in Germany, where I studied abroad, a focus which is really enabled by the cultural and political knowledge I gained during my time there."

Maya Locker
Maya Locker
IES Abroad Multi-Location: Paris, Madrid & Rome, Summer 2017
Franklin & Marshall College


"I am interested in pursuing museum studies, and to spend two months visiting the most amazing museums in Europe with local professors made me confident that I have chosen the right path for myself."

Julia Krafcik
Julia Krafcik
IES Abroad Nagoya, Summer 2017
Villanova University


"Before studying abroad in Japan, I struggled to use the language, especially in an informal context with people my age. Studying abroad allowed me to communicate with Japanese students on a daily basis…and helped me think more on my feet with the language given a lot of the short quick conversations."

Trisha Chaudhary
Trisha Chaudhary
IES Abroad European Union, Spring 2017
University of Minnesota


"One of the most rewarding aspects of my time abroad was being able to attend meetings at the European Commission, European Council, European Investment Bank, among many others. Not many students have the opportunity to attend these institutions, and being able to learn about them and meet with officials who work inside them every day helped me better understand what I was passionate about and interested in doing later in life."

Follow along with our Grateful for Study Abroad series as recent alumni share the many incredible ways their study abroad and internship abroad experiences changed their lives.

What will you be thankful for when you study abroad? Find out more about our programs, internships and the benefits of study abroad.

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