Top 5 Predeparture Study Abroad Blog Posts – Spring 2017

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Anna Egan
January 12, 2017

Leaving the comfort of the familiar to study abroad is like standing on the edge of a pool. Your toes are over the edge, the water sparkling below, and there’s this tug in your stomach begging you to jump.” - Annie Lindeberg, IES Abroad London (Emerson College)

This spring, 78 study abroad students will share their one-of-a-kind adventures through writing, photos, videos, and more as IES Abroad Bloggers and Correspondents.

Check out these top five predeparture posts—which all have a common theme of being both excited…and nervous!—and follow along as we redefine our Spring 2017 Study Abroad Bloggers and Correspondents’ world!

“Am I terrified? Yes, but I have also never been more excited.”

From Jumping off the High Dive by Charlie M. (Elmhurst College | Amsterdam)

“I am hoping being independent in a foreign country will help break me out of my shell and try new things.”

From 7 days 23 hours and 6 minutes by Madison H. (University of Maine-Orono | Galápagos Islands)

"The idea of traveling far away from home to immerse myself in another language and culture is as frightening as it is captivating..."

From Runners take your mark, set... by Keanan G. (Grinnell | Nantes)

“So many people never leave the ledge, never leave what they’re used to, and those who find themselves brave enough to suffer some potential moments of discomfort also get incredible moments of discovery and joy.”

From Jumping In (and Other Metaphors) by Annie L. (Emerson College | London)

“There is only so much you can prepare for, and I am ready to be surprised.”

From Preparing for the Unpreparable by Grace M. (Illinois Wesleyan University | Dublin)

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Anna Egan

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