Top 10 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from September & October 2018

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Are you ready to fall head over heels for study abroad? Check out our Top 10 study abroad Instagram photos from September & October 2018. Our students captured wildlife in South Africa, learned how to live like a local in Shanghai, and reflected on their experiences in London and Milan!

austria vienna jessmariea123 ambassador

1. Austria

"I learned a lot about responsibility and living alone, about myself and who I want to be, about mental health (my own and in general), and about exploring myself and the world around me. My experience abroad was eye-opening and gave me such a different perspective on myself and the world." When you study abroad in Vienna you'll learn a lot about Austria, but you might also learn more about yourself, just like @jessmariea123!

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china shanghai @tuurrnce (instagram user) eating at a restaurant

2. China

When you study abroad in Shanghai you will be encouraged to do like the locals do, and eat like them too! "I’ve found a barber and I’m now a pro at eating rice with chopsticks, this makes me a Shanghai local now, right?" @tuurrnce has really stepped up his chopstick game. 

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england london hannah ogren ambassador

3. England

"My time in England was everything I could have asked for and more!" @hannah_ogren is one of our IES Abroad Ambassadors! These are students who recently studied abroad and want to encourage others to do so as well. Check out our Ambassadors page to get first-hand accounts from peers about what study abroad is truly all about. 

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italy mandelieu cote dazur finnerty photography

4. Austria

When you study abroad in Vienna you will have the opportunity to visit different countries and see some amazing sights. visited the French Riviera, also known as Côte d'Azur, and got this great shot!

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a student girl sitting on a bridge and looking at the eiffel tower with a pink sky on the background

5. France

"Paris, I miss you and your croissants, and your art, and your street music, and Boucicaut, and wine nights on the Seine and L’As du Fallafel. Even the metro mobs during rush hour. See you soon France." @alissasmith5, Paris will be waiting for you to return! 

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germany freiburg nathan smail

6. Germany

When you wake up before the sun rises, you are sure to see some beautiful sights. @nathan_smail sure did while studying abroad in Freiburg!

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ireland bundoran gvbphotojawns

7. Ireland

"Bundoran, thank you for giving me that 'at the edge of the world' feeling for the first time." @gvbphotojawns caught the light just right while in the most southerly town in Donegal!

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a girl standing near the bridge in italy

8. Italy

@jkjoykim is another one of our IES Abroad Ambassadors, and this is what she had to say about her experience studying abroad in Milan! "My time in Milan this past spring was life-changing, and I could not recommend a more eye-opening and valuable experience. Living and studying in a completely new environment for an entire semester made me grow as a student, friend, and a person overall. It opened so many doors for me and allowed me to see parts of the world I had been dreaming about forever, like Florence!"

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students sitting on steps in a park in japan and smiling at a camera person

9. Japan

@chiachiamaru and her friends look like they had a blast exploring Sankei-en, a garden in Yokohama!

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a deer looking at the camera

10. South Africa

You never know what you will find while studying abroad in Cape Town. @snappingbliss spotted this very photogenic antelope in Kruger National Park. 

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