Top 10 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from November & December 2018

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December 21, 2018

As the year comes to an end, we are reminded of how magical studying abroad truly is. Check out our Top 10 study abroad Instagram photos from November & December 2018 to see how our students experienced the gift of study abroad in their own unique ways. A student writing about falling in love with Buenos Aires, students enjoying their time with each other and good food in Tokyo, a student full of gratitude for winning the IES Abroad Film Festival, these memories make 2018 a year to remember!


1. Argentina

Check out "A Blossoming Relationship With Buenos Aires", a thoughtful blog post by Max, that was selected as one of our editor's choice pieces. @maxomeletteperkins writes about his experience studying abroad in Buenos Aires and how his feelings for the city changed like the seasons.

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2. Austria

@adventuress23 brings us back to 2012 with this photo of her time studying abroad in Vienna with her IES Abroad friends. No matter how much time passes, the memories never fade.

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3. Austria

As 2018 comes to an end, many of us find ourselves reflecting back on the experiences that made this year unforgettable. @ctallijones has this to say about her time studying abroad in Vienna this year: "I can’t count the reasons I am grateful for Vienna and the time I spent there. From snowfalls, to operas, to Christmas markets, to exquisite cake and coffee, every day was magical and special. I miss it now more than ever as Christmas time was my favorite. Vienna became my home for four months and my time there challenged me to reconsider my plans for my future- to ask "what if" questions and start knocking on new doors, exploring new opportunities. I don’t know that I’ll ever live in Vienna again, but I will always love it and find reasons and ways to return."

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4. Chile

Studying abroad in Santiago rocks, especially when you can take a field trip to see these rainbow rock formations in Valle Arcoiris, San Pedro de Atacama. @im_chile_ing captured this great photo from her time there.

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5. China

Did you really go to China if you didn't visit the Forbidden City? Luckily @tuurrnce was able to check this off his list while studying abroad in Shanghai!

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6. Germany

If a tree falls in the Black Forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Jury is still out on that answer but in the meantime here is an incredible shot of the forest by @nathan_smail from his time studying abroad in Freiburg.

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7. Italy

Your time studying abroad will come to an end, but the friendships you make along the way are endless. Here is @sirhuntercorneliusjr3 having an IES Abroad Rome reunion in New York with his friends.

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8. Italy

"Arrivederci Siena, glad I got to be part of this incredible term abroad", @sammmyp55. Our students studying abroad in Siena are leaving soon, but we hope that Siena will always feel like their home away from home.

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9. Japan

When you study abroad in Tokyo be prepared to share some mouthwatering meals with new friends! Here is @rea_tan_kikuchi enjoying Yakiniku and Melon Soda with the friends she made abroad.

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10. Morocco

When you study abroad with IES Abroad you have the opportunity to share your journey with others through film. @philipbaites writes this about his experience submitting a film to the IES Abroad Film Festival: "Thank you to everyone who voted and supported “Tangier to Casablanca” to win the IES Abroad Film Festival. This was an incredible honor and something I will be proud of for a long time. From studying abroad in Morocco, to being inspired to write the song, to producing the song, to returning to Morocco to take more classes, and embarking on telling my story as well as the story of my host mother has been one of the most remarkable journeys. This night was a culmination of so many things which began years before I went to Morocco, and it was a joy to meet the other finalists who told their own powerful stories. However, the greatest prize of the night was the video they surprised me with of my host family telling me congratulations on the win and how much I meant to them. I will always be humbled and thankful for everything Morocco taught me and the people it gave me in return."

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