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June 28, 2021

After more than a year of the unknown, we were incredibly happy to send students back abroad earlier this month. And we selected seven of those students to be IES Abroad Correspondents, sharing every step of their journey with us. Through their blog and social media posts, we've been able to see what life is like in London and Barcelona. We've also been lucky to see how a Virtual Internship Program (VIP) in London gave one Correspondent an incredible opportunity in her area of study. You can meet all of them in the video below, and keep scrolling to see how they've already started documenting their study abroad and virtual internship experiences!

Eli McCoy • Blogger

  • IES Abroad London
  • Indiana University

Sienna Miller • Social Media

  • IES Abroad London
  • Indiana University

Erin Daly • Social Media

  • IES Abroad London
  • Indiana University

Jordan Hackman • Blogger/Social Media

  • Virtual Internship Program
  • Lehigh University

Ellie Carter • Blogger

  • IES Abroad Barcelona
  • Indiana University

Garrett Wolf • Social Media

  • IES Abroad Barcelona
  • Indiana University Northwest

Pia Scharfenberg • Photographer

  • IES Abroad Barcelona
  • University of Texas-Austin


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The Long Road to Study Abroad During COVID

"What was originally supposed to take place during the summer of 2020 has since become a journey of trials and tribulations that led me to participate in the IES Abroad London Summer program in 2021. All the way back in late 2019 I made the decision to attempt to study abroad for a summer semester and set my eyes on Dublin for 2020. As we all know, COVID took away virtually all hopes of that coming true and quite nearly dashed any thought of studying abroad out of sight and out of mind. It was not until late 2020 that the idea of studying abroad even seemed plausible again."

Eli McCoy (IES Abroad London, Summer 2021 | Indiana University)

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a plane wing above the clouds during sunset

"Studying abroad was always a goal of mine, and I had envisioned going to Spain to enhance my Spanish skills. I am a Spanish minor and believe that getting experience outside of the classroom is key to fully understanding a foreign language. Aside from a hands-on learning experience, I was always intrigued by the idea of studying in Spain because of the beautiful beaches, great weather, and how each part of Spain has its own unique culture."

Ellie Carter (IES Abroad Barcelona, Summer 2021 | Indiana University)

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