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From big questions like, “should I study abroad next summer?” to more specific questions such as, “where can I find the best deals on groceries in Vienna?” the Summer 2018 IES Abroad Correspondents are here to share their advice, stories, and reflections on their study abroad and internship experiences.

We’re excited to have 34 Correspondents contribute their writing, photos, videos, and other creative projects this summer. Stay up-to-date with the authentic experiences of our IES Abroad Correspondents in 26 locations around the world through the IES Abroad Blogs.

Check out some of our favorite Correspondent quotes (so far!) below:

Allison Bruns

“Every passenger wants to have a safe, easy flight to start their trips. The staff you encounter, whether it be the TSA agents, flight attendants, or the person who you buy food from during your layover, has probably helped a lot of rude people. Kindness goes a long way.”

From How to Survive (and Thrive) on Long Flights by Allison Bruns (IES Abroad London Summer – UK Today | Indiana University)

"I guess my feelings about studying abroad this summer are all pretty positive. I'm excited to go and just kind of explore everything on my own, but I'm also a little nervous about meeting new people and trying to make connections because I'm the only one from my university going that I know of so far."  Hear more of Ceci's predeparture feelings and packing plans in her video blog post.

From Predeparture! Packing Tips! by Ceci Cornejo (IES Abroad Amsterdam Summer - Society, Culture & Gender in Amsterdam | Loyola University Chicago)

Hannah Webster

“Usually I am a timid person when it comes to taking risks, but this summer I am unbelievably eager to go outside my comfort zone. Not only is this trip abroad about exploring my Journalistic creativity in an incredible internship, but this trip will also teach me so much about myself as a person.”

From Prepare For Takeoff.... Rome 2018 by Hannah Webster (IES Internships Rome Summer –  Internship | University of Iowa)

Patrick Moorhead

“[I’m also packing], last but not least, and probably the most important if I had to say out of all of these, other than a passport, is a sense of adventure and a desire to do things and go places and see things that are new.” Find out what else Patrick is packing for his summer in Tokyo in his video blog post

From Before the Adventure Can Begin… by Patrick Moorhead (IES Abroad Tokyo Summer | University of Florida)
Megan Rutkai


“I know adjusting to a new city and language and lifestyle will be a challenge, but it is the challenge that will help me grow as a person. So if you’re a student like me, wavering on the decision to go abroad, my advice is this: Don’t wait. You should go.”

From Should You Wait to Go Abroad? By Megan Rutkai (IES Internships Santiago Summer – Internship | Johns Hopkins University)
Maya Shaddock

“Going abroad is terrifying, and the price tag certainly doesn’t help. At the end of the day, think about the entirely unique and wonderful memories you will make. Don’t look at the estimated price listed on the website as a certainty: approach it more as a challenge. With some time and dedication, you can make your study abroad dreams come true at a fraction of the cost.”

From Financing Your Foreign Fancies by Maya Shaddock (IES Abroad Paris – Beginning Language & Marketing | University of Texas – Austin)

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