How to Pack Like a Pro

Rudrayani Upadhyay
August 22, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I think I’ve gone through the hassles of packing, unpacking and moving about 10 times, crazy right? So I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a professional packer now. Well that’s a stretch, but I do want to share some packing tips that I’ve learned along the way, mostly the harder way because I tend to over-pack. (I know I’m not alone on that one.) 

You really don’t need as many clothes as you think you do 

I repeat, YOU DON’T NEED AS MANY CLOTHES AS YOU THINK YOU DO. When you’re surrounded by piles of your clothing items, some that have lasted for years and you’re too attached to let it go, some that you found at a ridiculously reasonable price that you’re obsessed with and some that are just too gorgeous to leave behind, you feel like you need all of them. But we all know that once we’re at our destination, our bag 5 pounds overweight and we’re struggling to get that suitcase to our room, we’ll maybe use around half of the things we packed. So be mindful of those pieces of clothing that you think you’ll need, but there’s that little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you won’t wear them. Listen to that voice.

Plan your outfits

This packing tip was a game changer for me personally. Before, I used to throw in individual clothing items in my luggage thinking “Oh yeah I’ll definitely wear this” til I ended up with like 5 skirts that I didn’t wear at the end because they didn’t really match the tops that I had brought. The solution to this problem, if any of you face it, is to plan your outfits. Try on that skirt you like with that cute top and see if they go well together. If they don’t, you will know then and there and you’ll save yourself from the extras.

Pack versatile clothes  

I’ve come to realize that my most valuable clothes are the ones that are versatile and I can pair with many things. That means you can have one pair of pants that go with 4-5 different tops and that’s going to save you so much space. So when you’re out shopping or when you’re packing, be on the lookout for those bad boys.

A little bit obvious, but something that will help you: do not stress out 

It’s just packing. They are just clothes. Even if it breaks your heart to leave your valuable items behind, remember that they’ll be right where you left them when you get back. I’m just a few hours away from embarking on this journey, but I can already say that studying abroad is a phenomenal experience and what you’re going to enjoy the most when you go to a new environment are first and foremost the people, the culture, the architecture. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to prioritize fashion, I’m all for that, but don’t make it a priority in a way that takes away the fun of preparing for an experience like this.

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