Future-Focused Friday: Things That Added a Pop of Color to Our Week

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May 26, 2020
Future-Focused Friday: Things That Added a Pop of Color to Our Week

TGIF! Or should we say TGIS (summer started this week)! We know it's been a tough time lately, but remember, you can't have a rainbow without the rain shower! 

Time to get out (as much as you can) and open up your eyes to the simpler things that can brighten your day. For us, a pop of COLOR is one of those simpler things (and Pride Month has us appreciating good ol' ROYGBIV, too—learn what the vibrant colors represent!).

In light of this, we've been absorbing alllll the facts about color within different cultural contexts! You may know that in Chinese culture the color red symbolizes good fortune, but did you know that in Germany envy is represented by yellow? What about the fact that languages don't all have the same number of terms for colors (some as few as three!)? Check out this video to see if you're as surprised as we were. And be sure to head to our Instagram story to discover the colors of the rainbow in various languages.

Now let's take a journey through some of our favorite VIBRANT content with blogs, photography tips, and more. 

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“Don't define your world in black and white because there is so much hiding amongst the greys."”
Kathleen W. • Freiburg

Whether you see the world through rose-colored lenses in Cape Town, or green-colored glasses in Dublin, just see the world, wherever. you. are. It's a kaleidoscope out there. 

Add Some Color to Your Life!

P.S. Have a brilliant experience abroad this fall! Our Fall 2020 Flexible study abroad programs in Barcelona, London, Milan, Paris, and Vienna have an application deadline just a few weeks away. 

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