Future-Focused Friday: Things That Actually Make You Want to WFH

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Welp, we're here in the new year!

We know that 2020 shook a lot of things up (some of them are still being shook…), but let’s chat about something positive in the future that you can focus on—your career! *crickets* 🦗

What, talking about your future career doesn’t help you Zen out? Let us change that. 🎵 We can show you the wooorld, and give you career expeeerience.🧞

So we know this is semi-obvi but bear with us: Internships are great for your careerand you could be doing one right nowno matter where you are or how many hours you want to work for. While some opportunities may have passed us by in 2020 👎, internships, both virtual and in-person, and part- or full-time, are here to save your semester or summer (👀 at all those options!).

You probably already know that internships give you the real-life work experience to help you figure out what type of work you love, and internships abroad do all of that and more...

Internships abroad give you all the benefits of a regular internship, plus you get to:

⭐ ️ Set yourself apart from other job applicants. Sure, tons of people have had internships, but have they worked in an international capacity before having a full-time job? That’s what we thought. Next bullet please.

🌐️  Intern in a cross-cultural work environment, where you can not only learn a new language (though we've got a ton of placements in English), but see firsthand how workplaces function differently around the world.

💵️  Get a great return on your investment (aka ROI—learn it, love it, use it in an interview) and we didn’t make that up. Our Career Benefits survey proves that studying and interning abroad means:

· higher starting salaries

· jobs secured more quickly (within two to six months!)

· increased tolerance for ambiguity (okay, maybe you already have this one after this past year)

· and more.

🧘‍♂️ Have something you can rely on (we guarantee you’ll get a placement!) with the flexibility you need right now. With our Virtual Internship Program (VIP), you can intern ‘abroad’ from the comfort of your dorm room, home office, or bed (we won’t judge). And here comes the flex: perhaps VIP is right for you this summer, or an in-person internship abroad works next year or even up to five years after you graduate for select programs—whenever works for you!

The deadline to apply for a virtual internship this summer is quickly approaching on March 15th. But why wait?

Since virtually everything is virtual these days, why not check out this “Zoom Around the World” virtual info session about the IES Virtual Internship Program (can we say virtual one more time? Virtual). 


 Who can speak to an internship better than those who’ve done it? Check out these blog posts written by IES interns and this list of their favorite things they got out of the experience.


 Dublin Alum and IES Internships College Relations Manager Rita G. was interviewed by Brio Skills about why international experiences are critical for your career.

We’re here for you before, during, and after your experience and have helpful resources along the way with tips on updating your résumé and cover letter (yes you can!), networking on LinkedIn, and acing an interview. 


Five people who’ve worked around the world across four decades share their professional experiences and speak about how to keep up with the ever-globalizing workplace. 


Many of our international employer partners offer internship placements year after year. Learn about some of the coolest internships from past summers that may be possible in the future, too. 

“What I loved most about this experience was the mix of professional working experience, learning of culture and Mandarin, and traveling with friends. Learning how to code in an environment with a language barrier was definitely a challenge, but it taught me a great lesson of resilience and encouraged me to pursue Leeds [School of Business] OPIM Certificate.”
Hannah P. (IES Internships Shanghai | University of Colorado Boulder)

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It’s never too late to gain experience! An internship abroad won't pass you by, it'll be waiting for you, whenever you and the world ready. And us? We're always ready to help you reach your career goals—from full-time internships, to part-time internships on a study abroad program, to virtual internships, we’ve got you and your career covered.

Start Your Journey

P.S. Our favorite part of 2021 so far is joining TikTok! Will you see one of our Center Directors doing choreo to an Ariana Grande song? You'll only know if you follow us! 😉

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