Launching Your Career

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Studying abroad with IES Abroad helped you develop highly sought-after professional skills—adaptability, communication, self-awareness, confidence—that not only make you more hirable, but also help launch your career.

Your Network Knows No Bounds

IES Abroad alumni live all over the globe and number over 130,000 and growing each year. We host alumni networking nights in cities around the U.S. to help you meet other alumni and reconnect with old friends. Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming networking events.

Find your next job by leveraging our large alumni network on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Boost Your Resume

Below is a list of common questions and answers related to the career search process that take a special consideration of how to incorporate your international education experience.

Don't forget to include your study abroad experience on your resume, as well as what languages you are fluent in. If you held an internship or volunteered while abroad, you should also include that information on your resume.

For some positions you are applying for, it may also make sense to include your study abroad experience in your cover letter, as it shows your versatility, your ability to adapt to change, global work experience (if applicable), cultural sensitivity, and also highlights the increased confidence and global awareness you likely gained as a result of living and learning abroad.

If you are seeking international jobs/internships be sure to include all international experience and/or language skills you have acquired.

Alumni Stories: How to Go Back Abroad

IES Abroad Alumni Advice on How to Go Back Abroad: Alexa Penton, a U.S. expat in China

Studying abroad in Beijing impacted Alexa Penton (IES Abroad Beijing | Spring 2014) so much that she returned to China after graduating from the University of Mississippi as a Resident Advisor at the IES Abroad Beijing Center. Currently, she is teaching English at a Chinese-French preschool, while pursuing her passion for writing and the arts. Alexa was also the first-ever IES Abroad Study Abroad Film Festival Winner in 2014 for her film East of Here, and was also an IES Abroad video blogger. Read our interview.

photo of Preston Mohr

IES Abroad Alumni Advice on How to Go Back Abroad: Entrepreneur Preston Mohr

Preston Mohr (Paris | 2003-04) currently lives in Paris, France and is the Founder of Paris by the Glass. Preston shares his story of how studying and interning through IES Abroad inspired him to live and work in Paris. Preston recently became a French citizen and now holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and France. Read our interview.