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May 19 9:28am

13 Students' Perspectives on the Study Abroad Courses Now Offered Online

Post by IES Abroad

We asked our Ambassadors (alums of IES Abroad programs who love to share their experiences with prospective students) what they enjoyed most about the courses they took abroad to help inform you about your course options for IES Abroad's Virtual World DiscoverIES program.

Apr 27 5:25pm
Cape Town

Overcoming the White Noise: Why You Should Study Abroad

“When I was abroad…” “*Insert city of your choosing* is my favorite place on earth.” “Ohhhhh, did you go abroad?” “I couldn’t tell from your Instagram!” Do these lines sound familiar? These are all the sounds of the white noise that surrounds the study abroad experience, and I’m sure you have heard or even participated in making that noise. Rather, this is simply to encourage you to overcome it. I challenge you to, instead, think about why you should/want to/might/do/have study(ied) abroad.

Apr 25 12:07pm
Cape Town

Crossing the T in Study Abroad

As a result of the unprecedented nature of the times amidst the coronavirus pandemic, I and many other study abroad students across the world were called back to their home countries. Having to leave my study abroad program in Cape Town, South Africa two months early meant that I didn’t have the opportunity to fulfill these goals and realize these intentions completely. Yet, while I may not be sitting in a classroom in South Africa, surrounded by South African students, it is still possible to learn about South Africa from afar.

Apr 25 11:43am
Cape Town

Market Hopping in Cape Town: A Breakdown

Everybody loves a good market, and let me tell you, Cape Town is full of them! For everything from local restaurants, artisan trinkets and keepsakes, vintage and locally designed clothing, and more, the stalls of Cape Town markets are the place to go.

Apr 3 3:18pm
Cape Town

An Open Letter of Gratitude in the Wake of COVID-19

Having access to an excellent education, and a robust set of resources to support it, is a privilege...and not one to be taken lightly. Meanwhile, other students were facing a far worse side effect of educational inaccessibility. As we tread the waters of this difficult time, try to keep this in mind.