The Latest from Argentina

Oct 12 3:11pm
Buenos Aires

Defining Myself for Myself: My Journey as a Correspondent

by Pheonix

During my study abroad journey, I have become a blogger, aspiring Instagram guru, and olive oil connoisseur. None of these titles were anticipated evolutions and only one is something that I would have believed could be me a year ago. 

Oct 11 2:57am
Buenos Aires

Can studying abroad really change my life?

by Pheonix

Is it just me or did every person that encouraged you to study abroad also say that it would be a “life-changing experience?” While I’m sure that I’m not the only one to have heard this promising phrase, I am also pretty sure that like me, you probably didn’t receive a clear guideline as to how you could begin to make your experience abroad a life-changing one. Unfortunately, I can’t be the one to provide you with this guideline, but I can tell you what has worked for me. 

Oct 10 4:35pm

Breaking the Stigma About Mental Health Abroad: Correspondents Share Their Personal Stories

by IES Abroad

We are so proud that our Correspondents are using their blog posts to help break the stigma about maintaining and managing mental health while studying abroad.

Aug 21 10:05pm
Buenos Aires

Three Tips For A Successful First Three Weeks

by Pheonix

Your first three weeks abroad can be a lot! Keep reading to learn how to make them more manageable.

Aug 15 2:36pm
Buenos Aires

¡Adiós Argentina, y Hola Los Estados Unidos! (Translated: Goodbye Argentina, and Hello United States!)

by Alesha

It is two weeks after my trip to Buenos Aires, and it feels like a lifetime ago. It is up to me to decide how this experience will color my future.