The Latest from Argentina

Jan 13 12:01pm

How Do I Know If I Should Study Abroad?

Post by Grace Worwa

Whether or not you study abroad is an immense decision. People tell you that it’s worth it, but they don’t know you or your circumstances. How do you really know it will all be worth it?

Mar 13 10:22am
Buenos Aires

Making Your Host Country Feel Like Home (But Not Completely!)

Post by Mae Murray

My first 2 weeks in Buenos Aires have been teaching me the importance of balancing being uncomfortable by the new and different cultural norms but also making choices to really feel at home here. I am taking it day by day with the hopes of having the most immersive experience possible.

Mar 6 9:29am

Note 3. Paintings and Vegetables.

Post by Omar Uddin

With pedestrians bustling, passing cars swooshing, and towering high-rises glazed with summer sun, Buenos Aires is a breathing organism. The metropolis’s plentiful sites complement its culture. Art museums house a diverse array of European and Latin-American pieces, reflecting the culture’s rich intersection.

Mar 3 5:33pm

Chapter 1: Indoctrination

Post by Eli Snyder

Before my studies with IES Abroad officially began, I sought to discover the truths of the place that had occupied my every wandering thought for the past year. 

Feb 14 9:43am

Step 2. Write about what happened and tie it back to the IES Abroad program somehow to justify writing the blog in the first place.

Post by Omar Uddin

In the shallow stream, the tadpoles danced around my bare feet. These little amphibians moved predictably, reacting to the quake of my undulations. Sitting there on a rock, I looked out at our steep elevation gain. Troy, Jordan, and I had just completed our first river crossing of the hike. We were hiking from Villa La Angostura to a town miles away.