The Latest from Argentina

Jul 18 1:10pm
Buenos Aires

10 Days Away from Buenos Aires and I am…Not Ready

by Pheonix

This is how I'm coming to terms with leaving my HBCU campus for a semester.

Jul 3 9:01am
Buenos Aires

Chau Buenos Aires: ¡Gracias por todo!

by Noa

I am back in Boston! While I am happy to be home with my family and to have swapped gloomy winter weather for sunny summer days, it is hard to say goodbye to the life I made 5,374 miles away. I have been thinking a lot about the last four months and decided to try to encapsulate everything that made my experience so special in a thank you note to Argentina.


Jun 28 2:16pm
Buenos Aires

Being Vegetarian in a City Known for its Beef

by Noa

One of the most common questions I got before coming to Argentina was, “Are you gonna eat meat?” I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over three years now, and my close friends and family thought it was absolutely hilarious that I chose to study abroad in a city known for its meat. When choosing Buenos Aires, I didn’t really factor food into my decision, so as the questions continued arising, I became super nervous that I was going to be stuck eating side dishes all semester.

Jun 26 6:12pm
Buenos Aires

The First Few Days—Culture Shock and Coping

by Alesha

The first few days I have experienced and coped with many aspects of culture shock, as well as arrived at some personal revelations through interactions with culture.

Jun 24 8:12pm
Buenos Aires

Post-depature: Top 10 experiences abroad

by Lena

I'm now home in Denver, Colorado and while I'm happy to be back with my dog and parents, I have been feeling pretty senti about the past four months. I've been thinking a lot about everything I got to do while abroad, and I've compiled a list of the top ten.