Skylar Sundquist

<p>Hi! I'm Skylar. I'm a senior at Hope College, majoring in Chemistry on the premed track. The semester I study abroad is my last semester and I will graduate (and apply to medical school) when I come back to the States! I am thrilled I get to study abroad before I graduate. I am so excited to share the adventures I have while I study abroad in Rabat, Morocco with you all. After 3.5 years of all science all the time, I am looking forward to taking a break and explore Morocco with&nbsp;IES Abroad. I am most looking forward to learning Arabic and living with a host family.<br><br>Fun Fact: A few summers ago I drove from Michigan to California to hike in Yosemite and see a total eclipse!</p>

2020 Spring
Home University:
Hope College
Big Rapids, MI

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A street in the Rabat Medina lined with flowerpots
Skylar Sundquist,

Leaving Morocco

A two-day whirlwind in which I found out I was leaving Morocco, packed my belongings, flew out of Morocco, overnighted in London, and flew to Chicago.

Skylar's desk.
Skylar Sundquist,

A Change of Plans

I unexpectedly came back to the US in March. It's been a huge change in pace, living at home, and taking online classes. I am trying to go to the flow and...